Nippu Movie Review

Nippu Movie Review

Behind the Movie Nippu: Combination of Raviteja, Gunasekhar and Chowdary raised some excitement on this flick which released today. Known for mass entertainers Raviteja has taken up this friendly project with the rest of two. Let us see, how strong and how hot is the flame of this ‘Nippu’?

In The Movie Nippu: Suri (Raviteja) is an aimless youth who has best friend in the form of Sri Ram (Sri Ram). As per the regular formula of Tollywood, our hero Suri falls in love with Meghana (Deeksha Seth) who is none other than the sister of Sri Ram and is daughter to Murthi (Rajendra Prasad). Time for a twist as Sri Ram who works in Dubai is acquitted for the murder of his girl friend Vaishnavi (Bhavana). As Dubai Judiciary announces death sentence to Sri Ram, here Suri takes up the task to release his friend by getting a letter of excuse from Vaishnavi’s parents Peddanna aka Raja Goud (Pradeep Rawat), a goon in Suryapet and Surekhamma (Ashwini Khalsekar). Actual fact is that, death of Vaishnavi is just an accident and Sri Rama is innocent.

From here on Suri with the help of his friends and Meghana etch out plans to get close to Raja Goud using his rival Shankar Kaka (Mukul Dev) as the pawn. Did Suri succeed in this? Is Sri Ram saved? How did Murthi react to all these sequences? What happened to the love story of Suri with Meghana forms the rest.

Values of the Movie Nippu: Director Gunasekhar after a long time has come up with this story of friendship. Unfortunately scripting made the flick to fall a sleep for most of time. The actual concept or core element failed to register till a very long hour in the movie. Dialogues by Akula Siva and Sreedhar Seepana could not do much. Best part of the film is Sarvesh Murari’s cinematography which stood outstanding in canning the action scenes. Music by Thaman is also mediocre. Editing of Goutham Raju could have been better in first half. Production values of Chowdary and Bommarillu are cool. 

Performance wise, Raviteja is no different. His ease in delivering comical punches for masses or performing dare bare action scenes is appreciative. Of course, this is not new for Mass Maharaja. Surprising element is Deeksha Seth has got a chance to perform other than just looking glamorous. Though unable to maintain any sort of lip sync with dialogues, Deeksha proved that she has some substance to act. While Rajendra Prasad is dignified; Pradeep Rawat, Mukul Dev were routine and Srikanth has got habituated stuff. Comedy done by Brahmi, Brahmaji and Supreet is unimpressive and irritating.                         

Out of the Movie Nippu: Those who are looking for formula entertaining stuff from Raviteja might accept some portion of the flick but rest is not worthwhile. Gunasekhar has shown imbalance without giving any justification in either showcasing the friendship or emotional family drama or romantic angle in story. Narration which demanded a straight format was made complex. Lack of quality comedy and forced insertion of mass mannerisms for Raviteja did not do well for the flick. Chasing scenes or Bike jumping on Trucks proved to be absolutely obsolete action portions which raised good laughter. 

First half of the flick runs more on silly comedy episodes till the conflict point is exposed by interval bang. Second half is better dealt on emotional basis and is a better half than first. Time when Gunasekhar begins to show his mark just before pre-climax, it’s late by then as patrons lose the excitement.      

Commercial working out of ‘Nippu’ depends upon how ‘B’ and ‘C’ centre audience take up this story and characterization of Raviteja. Else this is just average or call it below average show from master film makers like Gunasekhar and Chowdary 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Nippu: This Fire has no Blaze.

                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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