Next Nuvve Review

Next Nuvve Review
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Director: Prabhakar
Producer: Bunny Vaas
Release Date: Sat 04th Nov 2017
Actors: Aadi, Vaibhavi, Brahmaji, Rashmi Gautham
Next Nuvve Rating: 2.5 / 5
Next Nuvve Punchline: Little Fun - No Horror

Next Nuvve Review, What’s Behind:

Young hero Aadi Sai Kumar is aspiring for one real breakthrough for his career. His new flick Next Nuvve in ETV Prabhakar direction starring Vaibhavi, Brahmaji, Rashmi Gautham in main leads has hit the screens. Produced by Geetha Arts and UV Creations backed new production house V4 Films, let us see how far this horror comedy is watchable.

Next Nuvve Story Review:

Kiran (Aadi) and his girlfriend Smita (Vaibhavi) land in a big financial mess with their loss making TV venture. Unable to repay the debts to a local thug cum money lender, Kiran decides to begin a new resort business at his ancestral property, an old bungalow. In no time, they remodel the bungalow into a resort with help of Sharat (Brahmaji) and his sister Rashmi (Rashmi Gautham). As guests begin to flow into resort, deaths also follow creating chaos. When Kiran tries to break the reasons behind these deaths, some shocking facts about an evil spirit come out. What happened to Kiran and gang in this ghost attack? Who Is Next to die…

Next Nuvve Artists, Technicians Review:

Next Nuvve is a scene to scene rip off from Tamil hit Yaamirukka Bayamey released almost three and half years back. As Next Nuvve being the debut directorial project for ETV Prabhakar, definitely he could have taken much more care in handling the script and execution. Instead he made the whole fare clichéd aiming only at ripening unsavory laughter leaving the rest like spooky elements and narrative flow to a toss. Like every horror comedy movie releasing one or two in fortnight, Next Nuvve did not offer anything fresh or gripping. Yet, Prabhakar appears to have got the knack to generate fun intended clearly at lower class audience. This is the only area where film scored else a dampener. As a director Prabhakar fell short of expectations raised by the teaser and trailer stuff. Writing part is full of double entendre dialogues worked on Rashmi’s glamour. Karthik Palani’s camera work is regular as he did not have wide locations except a resort. SB Uddhav’s editing is not good as there are many jerks and hasty cuts. Music composer Sai Karthik’s RR is prime rescuer that enhanced cinematic essence and best of all technical departments. Production values from V4 Movies are good and can be cheered throughout.

About performances, Aadi continued with his mediocrity. Though tried to excel more but character got its own limitations. So, there’s nothing great to speak about. Vaibhavi is just voluptuous while Rashmi Gautham can be a paisa vasool for targeted section. Brahmaji is the show stealer. His immaculate comic timing of one-liners kept audience on float. In fact, without Brahmaji, there’s no Next Nuvve. Among the rest Avasarala Srinivas, Raghu Babu, Thagubothu Ramesh and others did their part.

Next Nuvve Review Advantages:

Raghu Babu Comedy

Rashmi Gautham Glamour

Next Nuvve Review Drawbacks:

Clichéd Narration




Next Nuvve Review Rating Analysis:

Next Nuvve isn’t a product of expected standards. Specialty of horror comedy genre is, despite rehashed innumerable times, if there’s a spark in central point and an entertaining storytelling, audience accept it again and again. Director Prabhakar seems to have been taken away by the same forgetting a fact that basic premise of Next Nuvve or the whole narrative setup became as old as Aravallis.

First half starts on a methodical note introducing Aadi, Vaibhavi and factors playing adversely pulling them towards haunted bungalow turned into a resort with Brahmaji, Rashmi joining the team. Despite there is lack of quality humor, these portions are passable. Although every death in resort lacks justification and rationality, Aadi and his colleagues pull off the dead bodies leaving it to director’s liberty. Interval episode is not so exciting but just ok.

Into the second half, Prabhakar gives a twist in the process of repeating the same formula as it’s time for a doltish flashback trying to unveil the actual story. Entry of Raghu Babu in the character of RGV picked up the proceedings still not enough to satisfy the viewers. Into penultimate stages when Aadi and gang is cornered with no way to escape, that’s the way for final climax.

All in all, Next Nuvve is partially laughable, thanks to Brahmaji while horror quotient is seriously poor. For those cinema lovers who enjoy watching horror comedy genre with vapid comedy, give a try. CJ goes for 2.5 stars crossing the fingers on Box Office result.

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