Naruda DONORuda Review

Naruda DONORuda Review
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Naruda DONORuda Review, What’s Behind: Akkineni camp hero Sumanth’s re-entry after a 2 year gap with ‘Vicky Donor’ remake developed a buzz for this project starring Tanikella, Pallavi Subhash as other main leads. How far their effort to translate the essence in Bollywood sperm donation concept into Telugu worked? Let’s know it in following review.

Naruda DONORuda Story: Vicky (Sumanth), an unemployed young guy living with no big purpose in life has a widow grand ma and widow mother (Rajya Lakshmi). Family survives on a beauty parlor business to make both ends meet. Dr Aanjaneyulu (Tanikella) running an infertility clinic in old city searching for a super strong sperm donor comes across Vicky and his sturdy seeded family tree. In no time, Vicky starts selling his sperm to Aanjaneyulu filling the joy in lives of childless couples. It’s a win-win for Vicky and Aanjaneyulu as both grow rich. 

In parallel, Vicky falls in love with a divorcee bank employee Aashima Roy (Pallavi Subhash). Hiding the actual sperm business, Vicky marries her and problems begin when Aashima gets aware of it. How Aanjaneyulu bought smiles back in Vicky’s family life is rest.

Naruda DONORuda Artists and Technicians: More or less, hero Sumanth and debutant director Mallik Ram remained sincere to ‘Vicky Donor.’ This sort of atypical films works only on writing strength and formidable performances from lead artists. Mallik Ram grasped the essence in original but hurdles in crossing nativity, transmutation without altering the heart and soul was real challenge which they failed to break. Kittu Vissapragada and Vidya Sagar Rachakonda’s dialogues are cheerful and lively yet missing in authenticity. Occasionally, their lines became the basic lifeline. Screenplay was altered here and there. Why Mallik Ram followed the Bengali backdrop for heroine family as it is from Vicky Donor and ill furnished clinic setup for Tanikella is unknown. There was scope for improvisation corresponding with Telugu nativity. Despite a few lengthy and boring occurrences in narration, Mallik Ram had the space to juice more on drawing subtle emotions which he does towards end. Shaniel Deo’s camera work is mediocre in sync with given production standards. Editing department from Karthika Srinivas could have done a still better job. Sricharan Pakala’s RR was more intriguing than main score on songs. Production quality from Rama Reels, Supriya is just middling.

On to performances, Sumanth tried his best to be vibrant raising his normal energy levels. May it be dialogue delivery or body language, he was irrepressible. At certain areas, it appeared vociferous yet overall does a good job. Pallavi Subhash is a misfit. By divorcee characterization, she might be a right choice with noticeable elderly age. When it’s a movie centered on romantic track, Sumanth got many alternatives. There’s no substitute for Tanikella Bharani because he stood on par with Annu Kapoor’s excellence. Again, Tanikella too sounded noisy with his booming voice but excusable because he stole with screen presence. Rest of the casting like Suman Shetty and others made their presence felt.

Naruda DONORuda Advantages:

New Concept





Naruda DONORuda Drawbacks:

First Half

Pallavi Subhash

Production Values

Missing Conviction



Naruda DONORuda Rating Analysis: For all those audience and critics having analyzed key reasons behind Vicky Donor success might not sympathize with  Mallik Ram’s version. Moderating the boldness and vulgarity, director missed in balance. Most importantly, when they took a risky content pivoting on three characters, artists casting has to be in right place. Pallavi Subhash did not match the emotional complex and psychological interaction needed for overall drive.

Naruda gets off to a decent start with comic stuff introducing Sumanth and Tanikella characters. In between conditions back at home for Sumanth with mum and grand ma aren’t really a genuine working. Selling the sperm and Sumanth’s life style change are projected with entertainment. Love story did not go off to a flier. Interval block is again half baked and abrupt.

Second half is relatively more content driven with sentiment and emotions coming in play. Though Sumanth gave his best to keep the film on float with crucial scenes involving Pallavi Subhash and their separation, the impact was feeble. Towards climax, Tanikella is back to put the cards at one place and does it sensibly with a realistic touch.

All in all, Naruda DONORuda might appeal to an extent for those missed Vicky Donor. Majorly Sumanth and Tanikella ran the show. CJ rates it with 2.5 stars for at least trying something new on remake. Commercially, the project can be safe because of shoestring budget invested.

Naruda DONORuda Cinejosh Verdict: 50% Strike Rate           

                                                          Naruda DONORuda Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                                     Reviewed by LOLTeam

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