Mr. Perfect Movie Review

Mr. Perfect Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Mr. Perfect: The recent soft lover boy image of Prabhas secured after ‘Darling’ will be examined once again with this flick in direction of Dasaradh. As usual producer ‘Dil’ Raju keeping too many hopes with presence of two beautiful heroines Kajal Agarwal, Tapsee and music from Devi Sri Prasad, here arrives ‘Mr. Perfect’ today into theatres. Let us see, how perfect is this film?    

In the Movie Mr. Perfect: Vicky (Prabhas) is a modern day perfect young boy dreaming high about future. He is working in Australia on dream project to start own animation (video games) industry. Vicky doesn’t believe in old ideologies. In order to stay victorious in life, he doesn’t mind hurting others by disrespecting their values and sentiments. He feels himself as ‘Mr. Perfect’ with no adjusting attitude.

One fine day, Vicky’s father (Nazar) asks him to arrive in India for attending sister’s marriage in their native village in a Coastal district. Other purpose of this visit is to make Vicky meet Priya (Kajal Agarwal), his old school mate and fix their marriage. Priya is a girl of self respect who finds her joy in happiness of others. Although Vicky and Priya are initially quarrelsome, they soon patch up and love buds between the two. Finally when Priya changes her priorities and interests getting ready to marry Vicky, he disapproves her reasoning incompatible mentalities. 

On his way back in Australia, Vicky meets Maggie (Tapsee) whose thought of mind is exactly same as him. When both of them get ready for marriage and approach Maggie’s industrialist father KP (Prakash Raj), he keeps an interesting test for Vicky to win his daughter. Vicky on his way to win Maggie by passing this test understands the true meaning of life. How did KP’s family change the thinking and attitude of Vicky? How did Vicky win back his true love Priya? forms the heavy climax.

Values of the Movie Mr. Perfect: In shorter version producer ‘Dil’ Raju’s team has once again relied on an emotional story line comparing the beliefs and mental outlooks of past and present generations. Shades of ‘Orange’ and ‘Brindavanam’ are easily observable in the film. Apparently story was thin but script was burdensome. Dasaradh tried his best to make patrons glued to his emotions. Unfortunately slow narration and old pickled boiling family drama have taken a toll and director Dasaradh failed in these aspects. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are quite interesting which can be considered as life line for ‘Mr.Perfect.’ Music by Devi Sri Prasad was good work for two songs and background sensed like a copy of ‘Bommarillu.’ Cinematography by Vijay Chakravarthy was fine while editing by Marthand K Venkatesh became weak in second half.  Production values of ‘Dil’ Raju are definitely remarkable.

Performance wise Prabhas got a new character with two different shades. The macho man well balanced the both and excelled in spelling lengthy dialogues with utmost feel. Surely Prabhas raised his acting standards appreciably shouldering the movie in compliance with beautiful Kajal Agarwal who looked awesome. She undoubtedly won the hearts of audience with cute looks and sweet expressions. Tapsee enters in second half with a typical character quite matching to her energy standards. Self dubbing of Tapsee left a bad remark damaging her role. Comedy by Brahmanandam as Jalsa Kishore was a laughter riot. His presence saved the first half to maximum extent. Among others Naazar, K. Vishwanath, Prakashraj, Sayaji Shinde, Pragathi, Sameer, Kasi Vishwanath, Master Bharath, Raghu Babu etc well handled their roles. 

Out of the Movie Mr. Perfect: ‘Dil’ Raju’s confidence on sticking to his own psychology of repeatedly relying on emotional story lines hasn’t worked totally this time. Although there are few glitches of interesting and heart touching episodes but this is not a Perfect package to shine at Box Office. Prabhas and Kajal gave a delightful performance with superb chemistry which was not alone enough to pull the movie for two and half hours. Especially missing of emotional efficacy and depth of scenes in second half might cause adequate problems for movie’s success. 

All the village episodes with enough fun generating ingredients mixed in first half worked very well. Of course story moved hardly by an inch. Yet first half is easily passable with an expected interval bang. Second half is where actual movie unfolds which lagged to entertain audience with inconsistence and slow storytelling. In particular lengthy, exhaustive second half served negative for entire film.  

BO wise a section of family audience might like the overdosed emotional and sentimental scenes with Prabhas leading from front. Other wise ‘Mr. Perfect’ is age old wine in new bottle. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Mr. Perfect: Not totally Perfect!

                                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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