Mr. 7 Movie Review

Mr. 7 Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Mr. 7: Legendary artist SV Ranga Rao’s grand son SVR is introduced as hero with this film which released today. With no big hype, let us see how far one more hero from a legendary family will fare in TFI? 

In the Movie Mr. 7: Naik (Satyam), a professional thief plans big to rob a bank. He employs required team members who are experts in robbery. On the other side, orphan Lakshman (SVR) and his childhood friend Anji (Srinivas Redd) are small time burglars with expertise in stealing the cars and bikes. However, Lakshman decides to stop this profession by marrying girl friend Nakshatra (Neelam Upadhyay). In order to settle in life Lakshman whose Lucky Number is 7 wants to go for stealing a rich car as his last job. 

Naik and his team complete the plundering of Bank and escape from spot in Mercedes Benz. Unknowingly Lakshman happens to steal this Mercedes Benz which has Rs.16 Crores of robbed cash. With Police Inspector Ram (Sravan) behind Naik and Naik behind Lakshman, the chase goes on till the climax. What happened to Naik? When did Lakshman recognize the Cash in Car? How did Police Inspector Ram react? Did Lakshman win his love Nakshatra? All these form the rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Mr. 7: Openly speaking except few comedy episodes here and there, nothing one can find impressive in Mr. 7. Neither there is an exciting screenplay nor influential performances from lead artists. Everything in the movie runs mechanical with no play of emotions. Debutant SVR is not a hero material. He did not possess any good qualities of his grand father. The less I say, more it is better about Neelam Upadhyay. As usual Srinivas Reddy, MS Narayana, AVS, Prithvi provided some relief. Villainy by Satyam is amateurish. Rachna Mourya has done an item song. Dialogues by Pradeep are savior as comedy punches provided some relief. Music by Munna Kaasi is cool for two songs and background score is just okay. J. Prabhakar Reddy’s cinematography isn’t amazing and same applies for Udhbava’s editing. Production values of SVR Cine Corp are also mediocre.   

On paper, story of Mr. 7 might look enough arresting. When it comes to scripting and projecting the same on screen, definitely Pradeep and Charan Reddy botched up. Director’s hold was seen in handling some hilarious episodes but in crucial scenes, he fumbled resulting in a pale drama. Picturization of romantic thread between the lead pairs is completely horrific. Major part of first half runs on entertainment with interval twist coming as no surprise. Second half which was expected to be filled with more twists and turns has come out disheartening. To pull it up, major drawbacks lie in star cast, script and direction. If SVR has to go up the ladder taking the inheritance of his grand father, surely he needs to put a lot of hard-work by learning it from basics first. Overall, Mr. 7 is a miserable fare which can be given an easy skip.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Mr. 7: An Immature Effort.

                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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