Mental Madhilo Review

Mental Madhilo Review
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Director: Vivek Athreya
Producer: Raj Kandukuri
Release Date: Fri 24th Nov 2017
Actors: Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj, Amrutha, Shivaji Raja
Mental Madhilo Rating: 3 / 5
Mental Madhilo Punchline: Sensitive, Matured Love Story

Mental Madhilo Review, What’s Behind:

After a super successful Pellichoopulu, producer Raj Kandukuri once again succeeded in creating a good buzz for Mental Madhilo starring Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj in mainleads supported by a young, passionate technical team. Let us see, how refreshing the film really is?

Mental Madhilo Story Review:

Aravind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) aka Aru is a confused person from very his very childhood. He is clueless when he is given options and is left to take a decision. Thanks to his funny family (Sivaji Raja, Madhumani). With age, Aru becomes a handsome shy guy who is reticent at girls. Unable to find a girl for marriage, finally his parents come across sweet, simple living and matured Swetcha (Nivetha Pethurj) who likes Aru’s innocence. As Aru slowly begins to build confidence in self, unfortunately their engagement is called off and Aru moves to Mumbai on office work. En route, Aru meets chirpy, energetic and expressive girl Renu (Amrutha Srinivasan) who believes in destiny. As time moves on, Aru is fascinated by Renu and his confusion weakness of selecting one from two is back in life. Whom did Aru pick and how happy is the ending… watch on big screens.

Mental Madhilo Artists, Technicians Review:

To write about story, Vivek Athreya’s line is wafer thin but he made most from etching sweet-sensitive and innocent-matured characters fit into realistic situations. What begins as a simple fun from Sree Vishnu’s little foible soon turns into cute romantic tale and we begin to fall in love with central leads. Writing part is punctually perfect sure to connect well with viewers. Both scripting and direction wise, Vivek never appeared like a newcomer. No deviations and no dilutions, strictly he went with purity in honesty delivering a trendy modern age romantic drama with natural treatment. Vedaraman’s camera work communicated a gentle mood for narrative and his lighting schema was distinctive. Prashanth Vihari’s soulful music soothes throughout. Editing by Viplav Nyshadham was icing on cake. Despite dull moments and slow narrative, he made sure that film never went over-board. Production standards from Dharmapatha and Suresh Babu are awesome.

Onto performances, Sree Vishnu’s off-screen body language was an apt fit for this role and naturally he lived. His innocence in confusion is very delicately presented. His basic costumes and easy mannerisms are a regular find in our next door. In contrast, Nivetha Pethuraj’s confidence strikes. Though not ravishing beauty to attract at first go; slowly and steadily her expressive eyes and enticing facial features captivate our attention. For sure, Nivetha is here to stand. Amrutha is quirky, free flowing and easy to sympathize with. As middle class father Shivaji Raja evoked enough fun while Raj Madiraju, Madhumani did justice. Anitha Chowdary as Nivetha’s mother seriously mouthed some big, matured lines to touch every mother. Rest like Kireeti and friends batch of Sree Vishnu is effective.

Mental Madhilo Review Positives:

- Characterizations

- Writing

- Artists Selection

- Music

- Camera Work

- Direction

Mental Madhilo Review Drawbacks:

- Slow Narrative

- Second Half Mumbai Episodes

- Missing Fun

Mental Madhilo Review Rating Analysis:

Post Pellichoopulu, Telugu audience and TFI opened doors widely for new and young talents to rush in with low cost concepts aimed primarily at multiplex youth and family audience. Mental Madhilo falls into this exact urban romantic drama genre targeted at an audience section. Based on regular weakness of confusion in each of us covered with a spoon of confidence, Vivek Athreya made mountain out of a molehill. One cannot keep away from appreciating his matured writing which served the spine for whole show.

Right from titles, Vivek was clear presenting Sree Vishnu’s confused character with absolute clarity. Shivaji Raja and Madhumani make the happenings at home entertaining. Comedy in Pellichoopulu episodes was fresh. Once Nivetha joins, she single handedly drove the show. Every bit and piece of their free flowing romance breezed freshness. Though pace of film falls at instances, it’s more about feeling good with two main characters and the purpose is well served, including the Goa episode. Interval block is interestingly designed once Nivetha journeys to Mumbai for Sree Vishnu.

More than half of the second half belongs to Amrutha. Although bus journey and scenes thereof in Mumbai are tiresomely dull and boring, Sree Vishnu along with Kireeti and friends try their best to make them lively. Amrutha’s in depth characterization connects well as story proceeds at its own snail pace. There was ample scope for Vivek to add a little fun relaxing audience in these parts but he did not. Towards climax, Shivaji Raja’s experience and seniority helped as all that began well ended well.

All in all, Mental Madhilo is a refreshing urban romance with its heart and soul in right place. Aimed at elite audience, the film has all good prospects to do well at multiplexes and overseas. Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj, Amrutha, Vivek Athreya team… an impressive show guys and CJ goes with 3 stars and thumbs up. For those movie lovers bored of regular films, here is freshness all over waiting for you this weekend.

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