Mayuri Review

Mayuri Review
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Mayuri Review, What’s Behind: The horror-thriller genre is safest and ruling formula in Indian cinema. When many top stars are testing in this area, thankfully Nayanathara found a new director and writer Ashwin Saravanan who penned this story keeping only and only Nayan in his frame of mind for the lead character. Let us see, how spooky and how thrilling is our drive to Maya Vanam with this Mayuri Review?

Mayuri Story: In fact, movie takes from the climax episode where Mayuri (Nayanathara) is shot with bullet in a remote forest named ‘Maya Vanam.’ How is Mayuri linked to this dense, thick, ghost haunting forest is the basic story? A passionate technical team completes the post production of horror film ‘Cheekati’ based on true life of Maya Mathew (Nayanathara) killed in an asylum where medical trials are made on desolate people. Maya Mathew leaves three clues for adventurers to crack the thrills behind Maya Vanam. All this is scripted in the form of a movie which does not get any buyers. So, director challenges audience and buyers to watch ‘Cheekati’ alone in preview theatre without blood pressure variations to win 5 Lakh cash prize. 

In comes Mayuri (Nayanathara), a struggling artist separated from husband (Aari) living with tiny daughter. With help of ‘Cheekati’ movie assistant director Swathi (Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli), Mayuri accepts the challenge and begins to watch the film. Here comes a knuckle blow because Mayuri herself becomes a character in film to divulge shocking truths behind her connection to Maya Mathews.

Mayuri Artists and Technicians: Just like ‘Cheekati’ film in story, this is what happens when a bunch of purely passionate writers, able technicians form a team to give themselves a platform to excel. ‘Mayuri’ is a brain teasing, well executed complex script which keeps you alert from start to end. Even though, some sort of staleness creeps into narration yet Ashwin Saravanan puts a series of questions to activate your thoughts. This sort of multi layered horror tales with evenly placed thrills demand clarity of thought and expression. Ashwin might be right from his perspective to pen a deep rooted screenplay with complexly woven threads. For common viewers, this is more of a puzzle and less of entertaining material. Ashwin failed in this area although ardent thriller, horror movie lovers are served to a special meal. Ashwin’s story and direction is well supported by Sathyan Sooryan’s top notch camera work. Every frame with peculiar color combinations left a spell bound impact when Ron Ethan Yohaan’s strange sound generation in background reinforced the spine chilling experience. TS Suresh’s editing could have further simplified our confusion. But still, we need to sharpen our brains now and then… right? Potential Studios and C Kalyan production values are imposing.

Nayanathara is a superb artist. She just sank into the characteristic life of Mayuri. With a baby hold in hands, Nayan established the misery of a struggling female artist separated from husband. Although Maya Mathews role comes late into revealing, Nayan is really scary. Aari, Mime Gopi, Amzath Khan, Robo Shankar struck to their lengthy screen times registering the thrilling points.                                     

Mayuri Rating Analysis: The moment movie takes-off; we are left to a good prediction of having a unique film on to watch. Ashwin narrates a convoluted story with high intelligence quotient. Movie has something and everything for a common viewer to enlightened spectator. If four to five spooky episodes bring in shivers for common public, sophisticated patrons can begin their diagnosis to join the unconnected elements with information laid during story-telling process. Perhaps, addition of few more clues could have made many of confusions cleared because there is a blur in our thought by end. Especially, the pre climax and climax slow and steadily unseats the underlying networks.

All in all, ‘Mayuri’ offered an unfeigned spooky thriller experience. Ashwin plots many seeds to fertilize in city backdrop and reaps the harvest in Maya Vanam forestland. Despite turbulence in my mind failing to hook up with each and every character, their relevance with main plot, I still go with 2.75 stars before plan my repeat watch for ‘Mayuri,’ I call this purely a technicians movie.

Mayuri Cinejosh Verdict: A Gripping Horror-Thriller!

Mayuri Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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