Malupu Review

Malupu Review
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Malupu Review, What’s Behind: Aadhi Pinisetty is a proven artist. He is yet to win commercial applause in Telugu and this film dubbed from Tamil ‘Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka’ released today in two Telugu states. Directed by his brother Sathya Prabhas Pinisetty, let us see whether there’s anything special to offer or not?

Malupu Story: Opening the narration on Dec 31, 2015 midnight, an unfortunate incident turns the lives of four friends. Saga (Aadhi) is on a mission to meet Chennai kingmaker Mudaliar (Mithun Chakravarthy) to rescue the lives of his three friends and also family members. On the other side Mudaliar’s son Guna (Harish Uttaman) is on the hunt to find these four friends. What’s the one incident which happened on Dec 31 mid night which disturbed Mudaliar’s family? Are these four close friends really connected with whole crime? 

Malupu Artists and Technicians: As a story, Sathya Prabhas wrote this line inspired from a real life incident and added a bit of fiction, romance and emotion for commercialization. However, screenplay ran like a fresh breeze in second half although amateurish direction here and there showed the pitfalls. Problem with ‘Malupu’ lied in forcible romantic track which is so poorly written. In the process of establishing the hero, Sathya Prabhas crossed the time limits with enormous lag instilling the boredom. Real conflict opened at interval block showed the skill in him and he kept the promise in second half with a firm narration. The young and talented director followed an authentic treatment with rugged narration which enhanced the overall flavor in friendship and life threatening situations faced by them. Shanmuga Sundaram’s cinematography is a superior work floating a bona-fide mood. Sabu Joseph’s sharp editing in second half is flawless. Prasan Praveen Shyam provided a riveting BGM. Production standards of Ravi Raja Pinisetty are worth appreciating.

On to performances, Aadi left a strong imprint with Saga character. Value of friendship, importance to family and a fight within to rescue from dangerous situation have wonderfully unleashed in his acting skill. Especially, climax stood the high point from his side. Nikki Galrani is a vestigial part of the story added only for commerciality demanded by South audience. Mithun Chakravarthy anchored the film at one end with his staggering screen presence. Harish Uttaman and Pasupathy were so realistic. Richa Pallod, Shravan played pivotal roles and are thrill generators. Rest may not need a big mention.

Malupu Rating Analysis: How simple quarrels in teenage can turn into disastrous mistakes especially when the person in opposition is wrongly thought of? How life twirls around into an un-escapable mode? This is the true definition of ‘Malupu.’ Movie stands up to the very spirit of title but it sticks to the soul only in second half where the story truly begins. Before that, entire first half is wasted on unimportant romantic track and mundane friendship episodes. However, entry of Mudaliar picks the acceleration and film doesn’t drop from here on.

Second half is really an edge of the seat thriller with twists and turns giving goose bumps at regular intervals. A film which looked lazy till then suddenly races up. One single block of Aadhi and his friends getting into petty squabble with Richa Pallod, Shravan in restaurant showed the sincerity in Sathya Prabhas which is in fact the real beginning for atypical story to unfold. Into the climax, Aadhi tears apart the screen with his deadly expressions and you can’t escape from sympathizing with him. 

If you have enough patience to bear the stagnation in first half with nothing much happening on story and narration, ‘Malupu’ second half surely leaves a captivating impact with hard hitting treatment. Commercial verdict aside, sometimes we should encourage films with good substance and this is one such kind. Cinejosh rates ‘Malupu’ with 2.75 stars for its mesmeric second half.

Malupu Cinejosh Verdict: Worth A Watch.

                                                 Malupu Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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