Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju Review

Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju Review
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Behind the Movie MMIR: Combination of director Kranthi Madhav, hero Sharwanand, heroine Nithya Menon with Creative Commercial banner is by itself creative. When four artistic and talented people join as a team, obviously we expect something really above the regular standards. Let us see, how far this is made a memorable day for viewers?

In the Movie MMIR: Story begins with introduction of an aged Raja Ram (Sharwanand) and his daughter Parvathi working as RJ. Here begins flashback of Raja Ram, an aspiring, poor and young athlete working for an entry into Olympics living with widow mother (Pavithra Lokesh) and coach (Surya). In same college studies Nazira (Nithya Menon) and the bond of love brings them together. When everything is going smooth, Raja Ram wins National Championship and a row of incidents shatter his life including his mother’s death and Nazira’s fly off to Malaysia.

Into the present, Nazira with her daughter Mehek (Tejaswi Madivada) lands in India to meet Raja Ram. What happened later on? Is there a happy ending waiting for all? Wait and watch it on the screen.

Values of the Movie MMIR: For a romantic story to strike chord with viewers, minimum of the necessities needed is a perfect ambience. All those memorable romantic films hold a place in our hearts because of the feel generated to pinch our soul. ‘Malli Malli’ is set on the same premise with Romance, Breakup and after Breakup as core ingredients. Story of Kranthi Madhav traverses from youthful love track of Sharwa, Nithya to a grown up, matured and special relation of bond. However, a sluggish narration yet again spoiled the overall feel. Thanks to overtly philosophical writings of Sai Madhav Burra for not keeping even a single dialogue single dimension. You are forcibly made to read a depository of literature with one film. Gnanasekhar VS camera work is highly qualitative catching the beauty of Vizag. Editing of Kotagiri lacked in sharpness while the same editing bought lot of beauty to last 20 minutes or so. Gopi Sundar rocked in BGM elevating the scenes. Main score on songs was just average. Production values of KS Rama Rao are remarkable.

On performance front, Sharwanand and Nithya Menon made a superb pair balancing the film on their shoulders. Though Sharwa did not fit well into the role of father yet his diction, body language bought in bit of authenticity. As young athlete, he ran away with a best performer cup while mother-son sentiment went overdosed. Nithya Menon is the real show stealer. She grabs the domination from opposite artist of any caliber. Sharwa was although shielded in few episodes; Nithya does it easily both as a delicate Muslim girl in love and later as a respectable, egoistic mother. Majority of scenes shot on those two stood as best parts of film. Pavithra Lokesh, Sana, Tejaswi and others were fine in respective portions. 

Out of the Movie MMIR: Director Kranthi Madhav is popularized in Telugu for his humanistic, responsible and heart touching attitude in ‘Onamalu.’ This time, he took on a lengthy spanned love story devoid of major commercial formulae. He touched in depth definitions of love with cute narrative of first half and subtly dealt emotional balance in second half. Problem is, ‘MMIR’ is deadly serious. Dialogues although try to generate literary laughter here and there, one should have high sense of humor to understand them. Sorry, before understanding… you need to analyze them isn’t an understatement. Never mind, Sai Madhav dragged the cue from Kranthi Madhav making MMIR a writer’s show rather than a director’s imagination.

If the feel good romantic touchup, highly professional performances from lead artists stand as big positives, the sluggish narration with no space for commercial fun making content served a disadvantage.  Both the Madhavs are highly talented for sure but they seemed to have lacked in cinematic sense. For those who have enough patience and high level artistic urge can give a try. Commercially, a section of metros and ‘A’ class audience can adore this.

Cinejosh Verdict of MMIR: Sensitively Romantic.

                                                 Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5

                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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