Malini and Co Review

Malini and Co Review
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Malini and Co Review, What’s Behind: When there is flirtatious Poonam Pandey in lead, there is nothing to look behind. It’s common sense matter to look front, top and bottom. Directed by Veeru K and presented by Kishore Rathi of Manisha Films, the film has hit screens as bi-lingual today. Let us see, how far Malini that is Poonam squandered our hearts in Malini and Co Review.

Malini and Co Story: Narration kicks-off in 1999 when Sri Lankan Military Army General (Ajay Rathnam) crushing Tamil population in island country with his iron hand. Soon into the present, Malini (Poonam Pandey) opens a Massage Centre in Adarsh Colony with repugnance from colony people and local police officer (Ravi Kale). However, powerful local humanitarian Don Dhanraj Mudaliyar (Suman) offers Malini support. Mudaliyar is contributing financial and weapon support to Tamils in Sri Lanka fighting for rights. On other side, sleeper cells of Tamil Army headed by two seniors (Zakhir Hussain, Jiiva) plan blasts in Adarsh colony using Chemical Engineer Dharmendra (Samrat), who is now a brain dead. Why is Malini showcasing Samrat as her husband? What is her real identity as Hema Malini and Anu? What is her relation with Sri Lanka and Mudaliyar? Why she wants to rescue Child Dogs held as hostages under Army General? 

Malini and Co Artists and Technicians: To start from Poonam Pandey, without doubt she is an atrocious actor. With no lip sync and single grungy facial expression, she has nothing more than undressing herself for each scene with tons of skin show. Give any costume of your will and wish. Allow her to unleash the sexuality and Poonam does it with senseless ease. Bearable to an extent, Poonam’s overt exposing becomes inert paralyzing male patrons to turn lackadaisical as time passes on. She can turn powerful scenes into comic stuff. Her filthiness is adorable for frontbenchers who buy ticket with a definite purpose. Among rest of actors, starting from Samrat to Zakhir Hussan via Ajay Rathnam, Suman, Ravi Kale etc, everyone showed their deathly talent. Kavya Singh and colony aunties seemed Poonam’s competitors. 

Technicalities, alone Veeru K can reach the heights of stupidity. With his own style of story, writing, screenplay and direction, he played havoc with patrons in theater. Right from Cameraman Ramprasad to Editor MR Varma, technical departments competed within themselves to give their worst shot. Camera work and color texture of the film is so bad and eye straining. Editing goes like ‘Pichchodi Chethilo Raayi.’ It’s hard for viewers to connect with hopeless script and pointless narration style. Music is full of harsh remixes from Chiranjeevi ‘Rakshadudu’ song (‘Nee Meeda Naaku Idayyo’) to Soundary ‘Antahpuram’ song (Asalem Gurthuku Raadu’). CG works are gruesome. Production values of Manish Films and Mahesh Rathi are moderate. 

Malini and Co Rating Analysis: From the word go, story and narration lacked in clarity. Scenes shift from Poonam to Sri Lanka for no good reason except creating confusion. Then Veeru K adopted a peculiar approach adding twists and turns at frequent intervals to thrills us. Unfortunately, they grill us. Once we try to understand the core concept, Veeru K is on emergency call to disrobe Poonam either for a situation-less song or double-speaking sleazy scene. Nowhere, there is an authentic approach for this India Vs Sri Lanka core plot. Such high sensitive subjects need matured approach. Veeru K does a grave mistake by touching an International issue using local strip queen and sex siren. If at all Tamil audiences watch this flick, controversies may not be a distant output.

Either first half or second half, Poonam Pandy sizzled all over. Lower order cinema lovers addicted to Mallu adult films can find a respite. For others, this is a complete no-no. Female public are strictly warned. If Poonam is the only material to rejoice, forget the story or supporting casting… watch the spicy show to drain your energy. Cinejosh is going for a 2 stars rating to Poonam as Malini, calculating all the possible Poonam positives.

Malini and Co Cinejosh Verdict: Only Poonam Co-operates With You.

                                                Malini and Co Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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