Love Failure Movie Review

Love Failure Movie Review

Behind The Movie Love Failure: Hero Siddharth donning the new avatar of producer as director Balaji Mohan comes up with this new concept of Failure in Love. When giving opportunities to new directors to debut is a regular meal for this lover boy, let us see how far the pairing of Amala Paul and Siddharth helped in final turnout of this flick?

In the Movie Love Failure: Movie begins with break up between two beautiful love birds, Arun (Siddharth) and Parvati (Amala Paul) studying in an Engineering College. Then on Arun begins to narrate his entire Love Story from the day he begins his voyage of friendship with Parvati which metamorphosed into Love over a period of time. The pretty adventures with friends and the episodes between families getting them get together. While the break up brings us back to present with Parvati in preparations to go for the US of America and Sid trying to forget her, here comes two more stories of similar nature bringing some matured thoughts in the two. 

One is about an insecure, uncertain, abstruse boy friend and the second is divorce story of Parvati’s parents Aravaind (Suresh) and Saro (Surekha Vani). What difference did these two contemporary tales bring in the Love Story of Arun and Parvati? At the same time, what happened to the other two stories formed the rest of climax.

Values of The Movie Love Failure: Though concept of the film is slightly different from scripting point of view, it is again a regular love story which talks about break ups and patch ups. Director Balaji Mohan’s strength is clearly seen in his casual method of story narration which brings some sort of innovativeness and relief. Dialogues and situational comedy is weaved as per the demand. Music by Thaman is pretty normal score inclusive of title song while background has got some feel. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is cool n breezy. Production values of Etaki and YNot arer satisfactory.

Performance wise Siddharth gives his best for character resembling the boy next door kind of portrayal. Although nothing highly differentiated from his earlier roles, this one is typical for his style. Amala Paul is better than Sid in skinning into Parvati. Her costumes are simply beauteous. Of the others, we remember Suresh and Surekha Vani balancing their roles well.

Out of the Movie Love Failure: The main draw back for the flick is its limited scope of appealing. Primarily this modern day rom-com is targeted at multiplex audiences while others have nothing to absorb. Entire first half is good on entertaining stuff. Second half suffered with too many hiccups as sub-stories were introduced with high dosage of melodrama continued till the happy and predictable ending. Nevertheless Balaji Mohan gave his best shot to induce some sort of energy into leads but his inexperience was decidedly visible.

Although there are quite a few good elements to cheer up, it’s the mistake from director in shaping up an unfinished product that lives the film to have its own fall. As ‘Love Failure’ is wrapped in just 50 days of time with shoestring budget, there is a chance of film getting into breakeven stages early on by the first weekend. Definitely, this will end up making no difference to Siddharth’s enervate run as an actor. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Love Failure: Come on Sid…You Fail Again.

                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas


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