Lachchimdeviki O Lekkundi Review

Lachchimdeviki O Lekkundi Review
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Lachchimdeviki O Lekkundi Review, What’s Behind: Hit heroine Lavanya Tripati’s presence besides Naveen Chandra and Rajamouli’s protégé Jagadish Talasila turning a director along with an highly exciting trailer made this movie one more to wait for in this week. Let us see how far all this luck helped the film in LOL review?

Lachchimdeviki O Lekkundi Story: Titles roll explaining Indian Banking System and the concept of Unclaimed Bank Accounts lying idle in our country which is worth Crores. Into the actual story, Devi (Lavanya Tripati) and Naveen (Naveen Chandra) working as colleagues in Janata Bank of India (JBI) under Manager Somayajulu (Jaya Prakash Reddy). With RBI issuing a notification for all the banks to provide the information on Unclaimed Bank Accounts, the duty at JBI is assigned to Devi. Meanwhile, a criminal minded Mahesh (Ajay) and Pooja (Bhanu Sri) trap Naveen and blackmail him to steal Unclaimed Bank Accounts data using Devi. At the last hour, Somayajulu catches Mahesh and Pooja red handedly diverting the total amount to his self account. Here comes a big sketch from Devi eschewing all the opponent plans and what happens in climax is rest.

Lachchimdeviki O Lekkundi Artists and Technicians: This film is a clear cut example on how a good thought goes bad while executing. The basic plot of banks and unclaimed accounts is exciting to hear. However, Jagadish Talasila clearly failed in scripting the same with interesting screenplay and direction. Except few minutes before the interval, no where the film is appreciative. Writing is also pathetic enough to make audience go drowsy. Jagadish lacked in basic direction skills needed to accomplish a task. Lack of entertainment and poorly dramatized portions turned pale on screen. Nowhere did he try to build emotions or the way two evil sould enter into Devi are clearly a second rate work. Eshwar’s camera work had no big notable peaks and so is Kotagiri’s editing missed in adding a common sense to narration process. MM Keeravani’s music never looked appropriate for a film in this crime comedy genre. Production values from Mayukha Creations are fine. 

On to performances, Lavanya Tripati isn’t comfortable in this film. She had enough variations to present but no where she was authentic. Ankalamma and Uma Devi souls reprising into Devi were painful parts on Lavanya. On glamour front, there is lot more to see in her. Naveen Chandra is acceptable to an extent both as Bank employee and sincere lover. Jaya Prakash Reddy’s seniority became a curse for audience as he sings and dances. Ajay, Bhanu Sri and Narra Srinu, Sufi Sayyad characters are poorly etched. Sampoornesh Babu’s entry in climax made the film worse from bad. Brahmaji, Bhadram, Melkote and other artists were also wasted. 

Lachchimdeviki O Lekkundi Rating Analysis: After picking the interest and momentum in story with the very takeoff, Jagadish degraded his scripting standards with lackluster characterizations missing in depth and inept handling of technical departments. Such feebleness while dealing crime comedies is a sin and LOL is an outright disappointment. Having lost the exact focus within first 15 minutes, story traveling into Ajay, Narra Srinu batches is also a pathetic work. The way Ajay traps Naveen is really horrendous. Again the excitement catches up before interval block with JP handling Ankalamma, Uma Devi thread so firmly. With lot more of similar stuff expected in second half, director takes the film into a new undefined genre with drama of two souls entering into one body. Definitely, that was unbearably horror show for patrons. Towards the closing portions, Sampoo and Brahmaji joining the ritual should be considered as a lame mind game played by Naveen.

All in all, Jagadish Talasila delivered a product deficient in every aspect needed mandatorily to define a cinema. Many imperfections added by director to this watertight storyline on banks resulted in a disoriented big mess. LOL could have been lot better and so is just meagerly sufficient to bag 2 stars.

Lachchimdeviki O Lekkundi Cinejosh Verdict: Good Line - Worst Execution

                                           Lachchimdeviki O Lekkundi Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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