Kshanam Review

Kshanam Review
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Kshanam Review, What’s Behind: Variety casting of Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma and Anasuya Bharadwaj with production house of PVP Cinema and few interesting teasers raised curiosity on this film directed by Ravikanth Perepu. Let us see, how good is this thriller flick?

Kshanam Story: Rishi (Adivi Sesh) living in the USA is forced to comeback India to meet his ex-love Swetha (Adah Sharma), struck in a complex situation as her three year old daughter Riya (Baby Dolly) is kidnapped by strangers. Police department (Anasuya Bharadwaj, Sathyam Rajesh and others) closed the case for lacking substantial evidence regarding the existence of a daughter to Swetha, including her own husband (Sathya Dev). At a point of time even Rishi admits about Swetha suffering with a psychological problem and rejects her daughter theory. However, Swetha’s suicide makes Rishi to believe in her words and begins the hunt to trace Riya. Who are involved in this kidnapping case? How Rishi unravels the entire mystery is rest.

Kshanam Artists and Technicians: The film is highly inspired by Hollywood and tried to adopt the suspense, thrill elements to Tollywood. From story point of view, Adivi Sesh had many internal flaws missing the Telugu audience mindset in this thin line. Scripting wise, he had many characters and sub threads to be weaved into one. Realistic touch for these scripts is highly mandatory which went missed in ‘Kshanam.’ Director Ravikanth Perepu just went with the only intention of generating thrills missing the logics to air. Dialogues were just ok while cinematography by Shaniel Deo tried to create a sincere mood. Editing had few hiccups here and there. Sree Charan Pakala’s music sounded good in BGM but songs aren’t really impressive. Production values of PVP Cinema are also just average.

Onto artists, Adivi Sesh played the central character occupying the major screen space. He was good scuffling between reality and falseness created about the baby. Adah Sharma tried to give her best as a mother exploring about her missing daughter. In romantic scenes with Adivi Sesh, she isn’t really glamorous. Anasuya Bharadwaj hasn’t shown any artistic skill in her role with lean presence. She looked old and it’s better for her to stick to TV. Sathyam Rajesh as sincere police officer tried to evoke situational fun. Ravi Varma as drug addict left an impression. Sathya Dev as Adah Sharma’s husband got a poorly written characterization. Vennela Kishore is into regular basics. Rest may not need a big mention.

Kshanam Rating Analysis: To begin with, the film is made on an interesting story element of a missing baby. However, the characterizations and sub-plots created around the main point appeared to be forced. A heroine living with husband knowing that he isn’t father to her daughter isn’t suitable for Telugu nativity. How heroine fails to prove about the existence of her daughter when entire police force, educational institution or neighboring families are either bribed or emotionally cheated showed our society in poor light. A lady IPS offering whisky for Sesh at their very first encounter when both of them are alone doesn’t seem good. The basic purpose of hero staying in Hyderabad even when heroine is dead made the plot frivolous. How far a lady IPS officer keeping others child presuming the kid as her own child is realistic? Even the cheap and old Nokia mobile phone used by a NRI hero was a misfit to the character. Best point in the narration is only hiding the secret about baby till last moment of climax is appreciable.

With major drawbacks in story, screenplay written for the film, Cinejosh rates Kshanam with 2 stars. Commercially, the film is hard to connect with Telugu audience.

Kshanam Cinejosh Verdict: A Disappointing Film.

                                                                Kshanam Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

              Reviewed by Srivaas

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