Krishnashtami Review

Krishnashtami Review
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Krishnashtami Review, What’s Behind: Once a comedian and now a hero, Sunil’s awaited flick has hit the screens today from Dil Raju banner. Directed by Vasu Varma, the movie is promoted as a complete family entertainer. Let’s see, what they have offered finally?

Krishnashtami Story: Krishna Vara Prasad (Sunil), a NRI always wants to come down India but stopped by his uncle (Mukesh Rishi) quoting different reasons. One fine day, without any intimation Krishna and his friend Giri (Sapthagiri) board the flight to India. En-route Krishna meets Pallavi (Nikki Galrani) and romance develops. As soon as Krishna lands in Hyderabad, he is attacked by a group of thugs but safely escapes with co-passenger Dr. Ajay (Ajay) and his son. Situations turn in such a way where Krishna has to forcibly enter into Reddy (Ashutosh Rana) family with the identity of Ajay. How is Krishna actually connected with Reddy? What is the flashback? What happened to Pallavi? How Krishna re-unites with his family?

Krishnastami Actors and Technicians: As a senior writer and trouble shooter in resolving the commercial locks in very big projects, Vasu Varma showed zero novelty in visualizing a story which is mishmash of Santosham, Bava Garu Bagunnara, Brindavanam, Prayanam, Mirchi and many more. Dil Raju’s judgment never lost a mark to this scale because writing team at his own office came up with very poor story. Vasu Varma’s screenplay is outdated and bad. Direction wise, he struggled a lot to weave the characters together. All in all, Vasu Varma disappointed for second time and his belief in Kona Venkat went wrong. Camera work from Chota K Naidu is the only respite for audience with bright visuals and foreign locations throwing the splendor. Gowtham Raju editing went erratic. Dinesh scored couple of songs very well and BGM was worth appreciating. Production values from Dil Raju and Sri Venkateswara Creations stood top notch.

On to performance, Sunil does his best to inject some life into an expired storyline. He is in fact popular for comic timing but no where he showed the mark and instead tried to imitate Chiranjeevi many a times. Tolling age factor was evident on Sunil and he should think of this seriously. Nikki Galrani and Dimple Chopade looked plump as heroines. They have no scope to perform and are left to liberal skin show. Mukesh Rishi, Tulasi does parents to Sunil. Ashutosh Rana, Pavithra Lokesh fine as a couple. Posani, Sapthagiri, Brahmanandam tried to evoke some laughter. Bharani, Ajay and other artists were just ok.

Krishnashtami Rating Analysis: From industry standards, Dil Raju is most respected personality for his absolute story judgment power and business calculations, analysis thereof. In the name of commercial entertainment, Vasu Varma took plenty of liberty in lifting best story threads and sub plots from various hit films which Dil Raju accepted so. There is really a story and reliable artists at disposal. However, it was Vasu Varma’s mistakes which magnified only the drawbacks.

Right from penning the characterizations to administering life into them, Vasu Varma lost all the authenticity. The treatment was also so poor. Leaving entire first half for the weakly etched romantic track as a satire on ‘Nenokkadine,’ interval block opened the whole plot. Second half, this is again a popular Kona template as hero enters into villain compound to bring the change. From then on, Vasu Varma failed to generate any interest. 

All in all, this is a true disappointment from Dil Raju and Vasu Varma. They stood far away from what they have promised in pre release promotions. It’s time for Sunil to verify the direction of his career path. Finally, Cinejosh rates Krishnashtami with 2 stars.

Cinejosh Krishnashtami Verdict: Krishna Kashtami!

                                                             Cinejosh Krishnashtami Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas

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