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Kick 2 Review
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Kick 2 Review, What’s Behind: Mass Maharaja Raviteja arrives with sequel to his past hit ‘Kick’ in direction of Surender Reddy while Nandamuri Kalyan is producing it on prestigious NTR Arts banner. So, let us get into ‘Kick 2’ Review before we begin our rating?

Kick 2 Story: Entire plot kicks off introducing ‘Kick’ Kalyan Krishna (Shaam) and ‘Kick’ Kalyan (Raviteja) in USA opening the details of Kalyan’s only son Robinhood (Raviteja) whose character always looks for his own comfort as a substitute characteristic to his father’s Kick. A doctor by profession, Robinhood lands in India to accumulate finances for constructing a hospital by selling his grandpa’s property, illegally encroached by local goon (Ashish Vidyarthi). On parallel side, we are also acquainted to Bihar’s powerful and cruel villain Solomon Singh Thakur (Ravi Kishan), son of God ruling the illegal mining business infringing into nearby village Vilaspur killing population there. Remaining villagers are waiting for an upright person to arrive in Vilaspur as a savior. 

When an ego disturbed Robinhood teaches a tough lesson to local villain Jadcherla Balram (‘Chakravakam’ Madhu), the heroics of Robinhood are widely spread into Vilaspur, where in the villagers (Tanikella Bharani, Sanjay Mishra, Rajpal Yadav, Sameer, ‘Jabardast’ Chanti, 30 Years Industry Prudhvi etc) pitch a perfect sketch to build a dispute between Robinhood, son of Devil and Solomon Singh Thakur, son of God. How is Chaitra (Rakul Preet Singh), Pandit Raviteja (Brahmanandam) connected to this entire plan? How Robinhood reacted to this village tribe’s plan?

Kick 2 Artists and Technicians: Director Surender Reddy is heavily dependent on story writer Vakkantham Vamsy from times. Despite big hits, there are also disasters in their combination. Like his earlier films, Vakkantham Vamsy did not write any unidentified or unexplored plot. ‘Kick 2’ story is quite predictable with no novelty. In fact, story itself is a mirror image of hero’s characterization and conflict with barbarous antagonist. Vamsy tried for an emotional connect with a baggage of Vilaspur population. Screenplay also runs on calculable lines, lacking in freshness. Vamsy’s dialogues worked in parts. Yet again, Manoj Paramahamsa stole the show with imposing camera work like the way he did in ‘Race Gurram.’ Action episodes, songs and hero-villain encounter are splendidly picturized. Editing by Goutham Raju is button-down customary. Runtime of 162 minutes is quite lengthy which might need a trimming. SS Thaman’s music is a boiler plate (‘Mummy’ and ‘Kick 2’ songs are fine) and BGM is phenomenal. VFX are simply superb. NTR Arts and Kalyaram’s uncompromised production values stood top notch.

As an artist Raviteja is into his legitimate costume with mixture of mass dialogue punches, time honored comedy, deadly action and red bull energy in a leaner look. This is of course tailor made characterization and he has done complete justice. Rakul Preet Singh as Chaitra appeared gorgeous. Her role has a value to tie up with core plot. Interestingly, Rakul has a lip lock too. Ravi Kishan’s merciless villainy is tyrannically presented. His bloodthirsty attitude in fact helped the film to have a mind blowing take off. In one line, Ravi Kishan fitted the bill more perfectly here than that of ‘Race Gurram.’ Comic wise, Brahmanandam is just bearable. Then, Kabir Duhan Singh as Ravi Kishan’s inhumane son comes in second half. Among the village class, the lineage of Tanikella, Jabardast Chanti, Sameer etc had an odd mix with Bollywood artists Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra etc. Lastly, Nora Fatehi’s item song of ‘Kick 2’ is energetically mass. Rest may not need a big mention including Posani, Kovai Sarala, Nalla Venu, Ashish Vidyarthi etc.

Kick 2 Rating Analysis: Director Surender Reddy has first gone astray selecting a run-of-mill story. Though he sealed our interest in starting portions of film, he floundered with losing intelligence and interest as film progressed. Romantic track between Rakul-Raviteja is unusually bewitching. Everything progresses at measurably good pace till the slot of connecting Raviteja with Vilaspur takes driver’s seat. The grand groundwork performed there on depleted the plot's tenacity. Screenplay wanders without a proper direction. Lack of nativity (how can we go to Jai Salmer with a Bihar backdrop) with erroneous artists selection as Vilaspur villagers distorted the overall emotional network. Set work of Vilaspur village, railway station etc is artistically aesthetic but it’s a non-congruence intermediary inspired from Hollywood. 

Script became incompetent with missing content needed to drive Raviteja to Vilaspur. Director Surender Reddy drove wrong horse of Raviteja-Brahmi's so called comedy dominating the romantic flavor in Raviteja-Rakul track. This proved iniquitous for Raviteja to catch Vilaspur train for an interval block. Yet, first half sailed smoothly without much of boredom. Framework to field Raviteja-Ravi Kishan as opponents in battle field happened to be a weak show of excessive drama, dragged out scenes shot on villagers. In between, songs come as painful speed breakers. Towards pre climax, the temple action episode along with hospital scene impelled some energy. Later, Doctor Raviteja’s realization with Tanikella preaches and action filled climax thereof went exhaustively outstretched. The time wasted for Villain Vs Hero to come face-to-face is felt unustified by Cinejosh to rate ‘Kick 2’ with 2.75 stars. A well handled second half like an encouraging first half could have saved the film by big time. 'Kick 2' surely isn't refreshing as 'Kick.'

Like ‘Ashok,’ this film highlighted Surender Reddy’s impairment in handling action, emotion, fun and altogether entertainment as a package. Gems like 'Race Gurram' roll out quite scarcely.  

Commercially, ‘Kick 2’ might open for decent revenues till weekend. A long stand of more than two to three weeks is probably doubtful. Lastly, the only line of Tanikella in the film ‘Idi Workout Avadu’ stood true to ‘Kick 2’ spirit.  

Kick 2 Cinejosh Verdict: Un’comfort’ably Annoying. 

                                                    Kick 2 Rating by Cinejosh: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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