Ketugadu Review

Ketugadu Review
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Ketugadu Review, What’s Behind: Young hero Tejus and heroine Chandini Chowdary coupled with whole lot of promotions bought this action thriller flick as decent recognition. Directed by Kittu Nalluri and produced by Venkatesh Balasani, the film has hit screens amidst few expectations. Let us get into Ketugadu Review to know more about the film.

Ketugadu Story: Movie takes off introducing Chandu (Tejus) and friend Praveen (Praveen) as car stealers. One fine day, Chandu falls in love at first sight with Akhira (Chandini Chowdary). Situations turn up side down for Chandu when Akhira is found kidnapped in a car burgled by him. Here Akhira is revealed as sister of top businessman Prakash (Rajeev Kanakala). A group of goons belonging to Scientist Ajay (Ajay) from Rathan Roy Group of Companies, headed by Rathan Roy (Suman) is on chase for Akhira’s retina. How Chandu saves Akhira and uncovers the further secrets behind Rathan Roy companies is rest.

Ketugadu Artists and Technicians: The film is completely into action-thriller genre with a romantic thread interwoven. Kittu Nalluri got a dynamic story on hand equipped with sufficient energy to add a force in narration. However, screenplay and direction meandered through unnecessary lag instilling lethargy. Screenplay runs on quite predictable lines with whole lot of chases and action episodes. Although toughness oozed here and there in execution, overall Kittu could have done a far better job than this. Rajasekhar Reddy and Bhasha Sree writing is average. Camera work from Malhar Bhatt Joshi was adept in handling the chases. P Venkateshwara Rao’s editing is an outright misfit. Sharpness needed for adrenaline pumping action thrillers went missing in this case. Sai Kartheek scored a loud background and average main score in songs. Coming to production values, Venkatesh Balasani showed gutsy approach spending a bomb on this risky adventure. 

On to performances, Tejus sweated out in middle with overdosed action. He tried to be at ease before camera while doing romance and then continuously on a run with heroine Chandini Chowdary. Appearance wise, Chandini was not so bright looking. She is although familiar with short films, the much needed glam quotient wasn’t served tasty. Rajeev Kanakala is again a mere waste. Ajay was cruel and was a right pick. Praveen, Sapthagiri got lengthy characters to generate fun but failed miserably. Suman, Prudhvi, Roller Raghu etc struck to their portions.

Ketugadu Rating Analysis: For any action thriller, style and substance are mandatory ingredients. Kittu’s story moves in a straight path with no ups and downs. Although story has few merits to mention, screenplay and direction played havoc with extended and unedited chases. In a nut shell, the whole story pivoted only around one business empire of Suman and how Ajay wants to acquire it. This twist revealed as flashback explaining backdrop of whole plot and purposefulness of Ajay served a saving grace to justify entire 120 minutes narration.

Thrillers work if and only if story has edge-of-the seat moments catching the viewers unawares as reels unfold. Ketugadu, the title has energy but misled with execution. Except the climb of hero Tejus uphill battle to rescue Chandini and romancing en-route, rest of the twists and turns are all predictable.

Both first and second halves lack in punch. Elongated action sequences affixed with no scheme of proposal is an improper design for a film to work. With a product of this quality, ‘Ketugadu’ is sure to find the way tough to go. Let us see, how audience would react to this un-mindful fare.

Ketugadu Cinejosh Verdict: One More Jaadugadu!

Ketugadu Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas

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