Kalavathi Review

Kalavathi Review
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Kalavathi Review, What’s Behind: Superb success of ‘Chandrakala’ lifted the expectations on its sequel ‘Kalavathi’ blessed with enormous casting in Siddharth, Trisha, Hansika, Poonam Bajwa and Sundar C. Let us get deep into this horror comedy through our ‘Kalavathi’ review.

Kalavathi Story: Murali (Siddharth) and Anitha (Trisha) engaged and ready for marriage go on a special trip are shocked reading the message of Murali’s father (Radha Ravi) lying on death bed after suffering an accident falling from their own bungalow. As they come back to native place, weird happenings send shivers down the spine in bungalow which also results in Murali getting arrested by police. Here comes in Ravi (Sundar C), brother of Anitha to set the things straight and right. He soon recognizes that Mahal is haunted by dead soul of Kalavathi (Hansika), sister of Murali. What is the actual story of Kalavathi and why is her evil soul burning with vengeance to kill her own father and brothers?  

Kalavathi Artists and Technicians: Like every successful horror comedies in current time period, Sundar C struck to formulaic treatment mixing an emotional story, some good comedy and sporadic horror, thrilling elements. For all those who enjoyed ‘Chandrakala,’ this one sounds almost a similar model and with heavy duty casting. Screenplay went wayward in first half with unnecessary and unexciting episodes eating lot of time. By the time of second half, Hansika flashback episode and proceedings thereof made narration so engaging. Sundar C is a professional director who knows where to accelerate the pace and where to drop. Whole of second half had his strong trademark felt. 

As usual writing department worked their best to elude the Tamil nativity but could not. UK Senthil Kumar’s camera work is mediocre. Little more DI and more cautious approach on CG would have enhanced the onscreen output. NB Srikanth editing is rather conventional and striking towards the climax episodes. Hiphop Tamizh music is also fine and the eerie sounds he created worked well in tandem with many spooky scenes. Finally, production values of Sarvanth Ram Creations and Good Cinema Group are also laudable.

Onto performances, Hansika Motwani despite having less screen time she stood life and soul for the film. Her appearance just before Interval bang and the way she carried second half flashback with honor killings concept elevated much needed emotional quotient in film. Audience might connect with Hansika both in sorrow and horror times. Trisha spilled glamour dose in first half and when Hansika’s soul enters into Trisha’s body, her transformation was visible. Siddharth had something to prove towards end. Sundar C as usual enacted Rajinikanth’s style and importance in ‘Chandramukhi’ copied for this film. Poonam Bajwa was a roly-poly. Kovai Sarala is loud and provided laughs in later portions. Mano Bala, Suri, Radha Ravi were just fine. Vaibhav and Khushboo cameos are also ok. 

Kalavathi Rating Analysis: The template created by Sundar C for Chandrakala is used without any big modifications for this sequel. His main purpose of providing thrills and laugh out loud humor were maintained. Screenplay was straight and needs no big mind numbing logical interpolations to speculate on what happens next. Apparently, this predictability kept audience excitement levels moderately low but overall, it’s a paisa vasool flick for B, C order centre public who loves to laugh and shiver.

Above all, Sundar C did not try anything novel or different. He played safe to the galleries by following organized format of an old mahal, a wandering soul dying with revenge, a family victimized, flashback with deeply arousing sympathy and finally, God Vs Evil. The opening scenes of Lord Shakti’s biggest statue pulled with cranes from her seat awakening the evil souls is something new to listen and are decently presented. The same platform used for climax provided strength to overall story.    

Whatsoever, ‘Kalavathi’ made on a shoestring budget with hit ‘Chandrakala’ as big backing; the movie is obviously to cater lower class audience with decent profits guaranteed for buyers. Cinejosh rates Kalavathi with 2.75 stars for some decent thrills and louder fun moments. 

Kalavathi Cinejosh Verdict: One More Chandrakala!

                                                         Kalavathi Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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