Kaashmora Review

Kaashmora Review
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Kaashmora Review, What’s Behind: Tamil hero Karthi gained decent market in Telugu. After ‘Oopiri,’ here comes Karthi with a horror title. Produced by PVP and directed by Gokul, let us see how scary and how impressive ‘Kaashmora’ is in the review portion.

Kaashmora Story: Kaashmora (Karthi) and his family members (Vivek and others) fake themselves as exorcists feeding on the fear of politicians and common people. On the other side Divya (Sri Divya) working on a thesis based on evil spirits joins Kaashmora. Row of events drives all of them into a palatial old palace (Muthyala Cheruvu Dayyala Kota) haunted by Raj Naik (Karthi). Who is Raj Naik and what is his connection with Rathna Mahadevi (Nayanathara)? What’s their flashback? Why is Raj Naik’s spirit waiting in palace to release itself? 

Kaashmora Artists and Technicians: Basic story line of ‘Kaashmora’ is nothing different from regular horror comedies thrown on our faces in recent Tollywood times. When a banner like PVP takes up same subject, difference we can observe is lavish production values, stunning visuals, quality VFX and more importantly magnificent casting. Other than these extra elements, ‘Kaashmora’ is a cocktail of ‘Raju Gari Gadi’ kind of horror comedy and ‘Arundathi, Magadheera’ flavored flashback. Scripting wise, Gokul has done the homework but forgot to strike a chord with South Indian sentiments and emotions. His direction is just run-of-the-mill with lot many references taken. However, Gokul and dialogue translator Sashank Vennelakanti have to be appreciated for ripening hilarious episodes on fake exorcists in first half. Om Prakash cranked the camera with a perfect balance. Art work and VFX went hand in hand showcasing the grandeur. Sabu Joseph’s editing could have been better in second half with flashback. Santosh Narayanan’s musical score is appreciable for BGM and songs are easily forgettable. Production standards from PVP Cinema are top notch.

Onto performances, Karthi is just fantastic in both the diverse characters of Kaashmora and Raj Naik. As Kaashmora, he spilled energy with a superb comic touch. Pre interval episode, Karthi is at his best. Raj Naik scored more with getup and his barbaric villainy appeared pale before a similar act enacted in past by Sonu Sood as Pashupathi. Heroine Nayanathara looks a bit aged but was ravishing in beautiful costumes. Her re-entry in climax was oddly presented. In a settled comedian father character, Vivek evoked laughter. Sri Divya is wasted. Rest like Sharat Lohitashwa, Madhu may not need big mention.

Kaashmora Advantages:

Comedy in First Half




Kaashmora Drawbacks:

Excessively Lengthy

No Emotional Drive

Tamil Flavor




Missing Novelty

Kaashmora Rating Analysis: Horror comedies are safest when dealt with in limited budgets. Lengthy canvas, star actors, high budgets may not fit safe when stories and scripts are re-repeated. ‘Kaashmora’ suffered in these areas with predictable screenplay and a tedious narration drive. Necessity of adding war themes like ‘Bahubali, Magadheera’ into a horror comedy may not serve the purpose. Instead, Gokul should have worked more on adding an emotional weight. Any artist other than Karthi as protagonist in title role, definitely ‘Kaashmora’ is a dud.

Story lands us directly into core concept with re-incarnation of Ratna Mahadevi and search for exorcist Kaashmora. Then the following comedy episodes on fake exorcist Kaashmora Baba and his family are cleverly executed with loads of comedy. Sri Divya makes an entry and travels on with zero purpose. Sharat Lohitashwa as politician had a killer look which isn’t again used at best deviating from core script. Interval block was a bang diluted with Arava Athi.

Without taking us directly into flashback story, Gokul took sweet time in second half imparting boredom. Ratna Mahadevi, Raj Naik episodes are visually stunning. They are presented on a lethargic mode killing the excitement. Towards pre climax, Gokul showed wits on Kaashmora yet climax is a routine fare.

All in all, ‘Kaashmora’ is one more horror comedy with a fantasy backdrop and war theme. Alone Karthi can be best positive factor in this feebly scripted project made on overflowing production standards. CJ goes for 2.5 stars rating just for passing the time. Commercially, how far ‘Kaashmora’ goes well with lower order centers will decide the final verdict. 

Kaashmora Cinejosh Verdict: Telugu Kichidi With Tamil Aroma

                                                               Kaashmora Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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