Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Review

Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Review
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Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Review, What’s Behind: Promoted widely for its Desi entertainment, JNR starring Srinivas Reddy, Poorna in main leads is directed by debutant Shiva Raj Kanumuri. One song ‘O Rangula Chilaka’ from the film is highly popularized and publicity stuff is also promising. Let us see, how far the film stood up to its hype?

Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Story: Sarva Mangalam (Srinivas Reddy) is an introvert from a rural village in Karimnagar district living with widow mother aspires to become a Government job holder. Lacking in self confidence, he believes more in astrology and a Swamyji named Pithaji (Jiiva). Passing entrance examination and clearing the interview, Sarva Mangalam is posted in Kakinada Municipial Office and falls in love with Mee Seva employee Rani (Poorna). However, Sarva Mangalam’s plans to get a transfer for native Karimnagar district and marry Rani are suffered with sex maniac Joint Collector (Ravi Varma) and corrupt colleague Adapa Prasad (Krishna Bhagawan). How Sarva Mangalam overcomes the inferiority complex saving Rani from Joint Collector’s trap and marries her is rest of the winning part.

Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Artists and Technicians: As we informed our readers earlier about JNR strongly inspired by Rachakonda Vishwanatha Shastri’s ‘Alpa Jeevi,’ the very first title cards in the film thank the great writer and his novel. Writer director Shiva Raj Kanumuri’s sketching the life of Sarva Mangalam into a cinema script is a gutsy decision because many novels inspire directors and producers but rarely do they take a finally shaped product. Writing from SRK hasn’t got any commercial cinematic touch. Most of the screenplay and dialogues are dealt with authentic East Godavari flavor. So, it can be hard for Telangana to connect. Direction from SRK went through many ups and downs exposing the inexperience. Yet he can be termed successful because transforming a novel into cinematic experience is an experiment which many won’t encourage and accept. Nagesh Bannell’s camera work is fine and one of the best assets to have served the film. Venkat’s editing is literally disappointing. Ravichandra’s music is fine for O Rangula Chilaka while RR terrifically went wrong. Production standards are fair enough for a film of these standards.

Onto performances, Srinivas Reddy slipped off into a native Telangana innocent protagonist character placed in between a clever bunch of Andhra employees. The Karimanagar dialect although boomeranged with mediocre writing but the internal weaknesses underlined in him using direct monologue, indirect monologue and soliloquy were apt on Srinivas Reddy. In totality, he does a good job. Poorna is a talented heroine who hasn’t got much scope to perform. Krishna Bhagawan’s Mangala Varam comedy is distinguished dirty and laughable. Ravi Varma as a lusty JC does well. Praveen as Broker Tatkal is known for this comic slang. Jogi Brothers made their presence felt. Sri Vishnu, Jiiva, Posani, Roller Raghu, Prabhas Srinu and other office staff were fine.

Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Advantages:

Srinivas Reddy


Second Half

Mangala Varam Episode

O Rangula Chilaka Song

Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Drawbacks:


Excessively Lengthy

First Half

Failed Characterizations

Lack of Quality Comedy


Extremely Slow Narration

Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Rating Analysis: To begin from the positive side, JNS is a welcome change to rather run-of-the-mill exhaustive commercial potboilers. Shiva Raj Kanumuri’s idea to showcase the journey of a low self esteemed guy turning into a self confident winning the goals in life, inspired from best novels of yester-generation is appreciable. Apparently, the home work done on screenplay isn’t sufficient. Right from character introductions to establishment of core conflict, the approach from Shiva Raj Kanumuri needs a lot to be learnt from similar dealings by Late Bapu or Vamsy. Absorption of strong Telugu nativity blended characters and making them a part of narration drive is a skill which needs to be mastered. SRK took lengthy time span to bring his set of artists into direct action. His touch at comedy is definitely not so influential. However, SRK seemed confident and gripping on whole.

From the moment film takes off, Srinivas Reddy and his mother character pinch you at heart. Immediately landing in Kakinada via Poorna’s introduction, story takes a beating instilled with boredom and feeble connectivity. Establishment of Municipal Office environment and staff demanded more. Tried to emulate Vamsy, our director missed the spark. Then the following tracks of Sri Vishnu, Ravi Varma, Praveen-Posani and Krishna Bhagawan are in plenty to fill the first half. Interval block is also not so intriguing because reasons quoted verbally in transformation of Srinivas Reddy are hard to believe.

Into second, films picks in acceleration. In contrast to a weak Srinivas Reddy in first half, now he becomes confident and self assured to get himself into puzzle solving. Krishna Bhagawan Mangala Varam scene is outright hilarious. Then Posani goes offline for a while to emerge only for pre climax. Song while teaching a lesson to Ravi Varma can be safely chopped. Sree Vishnu, Roller Raghu-Prabhas Srinu episodes can also be cut short. Climax is unnecessarily dragged for a happy ending.

All in all, JNR is an experimental film with Vamsy and Bapu flavor shot in Godavari district backdrop. Barring the uneven screenplay, sluggish first half; there are good moments in second half to rejoice. Srinivas Reddy showed promising attitude shouldering the protagonist. CJ rates JNR with 2.75 stars waiting for common audience to explore the overall Box Office potential.

Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Cinejosh Verdict: Natural Experiment, Worth Encouraging

                                           Jayammu Nishchayammu Raa Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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