James Bond Telugu Movie Review

James Bond Telugu Movie Review
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Behind The Movie James Bond: Most reliable comedy hero Allari Naresh is gradually losing the touch. At a crucial juncture, he joins Sakshi Chowdary and Srinu Vytla’s protégé Sai Kishore Macha for this funny film. Let us see, how far this Lady James Bond enthralled us?

In the Movie James Bond: Story begins with introduction to timid personality Lakshmi Prasad aka Nani (Allari Naresh), a Software Engineer. His family has a weak head (Chandramohan) who is again frightened of every small and silly concern. On the other side there is daring, dashing Lady Don Priya aka Bullet (Sakshi Chowdary) ruling Dubai underworld. To fulfill the last wish of her ailing mother, Pooja returns India to find a life partner. In dramatic situations, hiding her original Don identity Pooja marries Nani. Fun ride begins here with predictable happenings wherein Nani and Pooja cannot gel. Meanwhile, Pooja’s rival Badaa (Ashish Vidyarthi) and his henchmen begin the hunt for Pooja. When did Nani got to know about original character of Pooja? When did Pooja understand Nani’s love? All these form rest of a positive climax.

Values of the Movie James Bond: Being a debutant coming from Srinu Vytla School, director Sai Kishore Macha had lot of space to implant comedy sites within the given plot. Except few samplings here and there, he misused the best of opportunity. Agreed that Sai Kishore has good sense of humor just like his mentor but showed a back-sliding with weak story. Nowhere, he could keep the tempo of film alive and kicking. Sreedhar Seepana applied more focus on rhyming the words rather than serving the situation. Still, he delivered few punches. When there is no story to let the characters live, at any expanse the fun looks pale and decrepit. Damu Narravula’s camera work has no great shakes. Yet, he is passable. Editing by MR Varma is lackadaisical. Sai Karthik scored couple of energetic mass numbers and background is fair to middling. Production values of AK Entertainments are pleasing. 

On performance front, Allari Naresh had no scope to execute anything in new. He tried the old composition of spoofing, punching and rhyming in all simple characterization. Sakshi Chowdary is the central pillar of story. She excelled in some heavy duty action blocks along with oozing of glamour in songs. Rest of the time, she stuck to meager expressions. Ashish Vidyarthi, Chandramohan, Jayaprakash Reddy are quite run-of-the-mill. Raghu Babu tried a ‘Mirchi’ Prabhas. As marriage broker Krishna Bhagawan generated few laughs. Posani as Software company head entertained. 30 years industry Prudhviraj again imitated Balayya Babu. Among the rest Nalla Venu, Prabhas Srinu, Raghu, Sapthagiri, Hema and other comedians were ok. Ali had just one scene.                   

Out of the Movie James Bond: Allari Naresh’s vexation with poor time is extended by one more film. His pathetic situation dominated by confused setting is clearly visible in this sort of poor script selection. Looks like Naresh has no other option than to rehash his own films. As the title suggests, there is more of focus on heroine Sakshi Chowdary relative to Naresh. So, he is left to second fiddling in entire narration just like Karthika Nair ran with the show in 'Brother of Bommali.' Unfortunately, Naresh is passive in both these films with female characters dominating.

Sai Kishore’s take-off was decent and introductory episodes are filled with enjoyable stuff. The way Naresh and Sakshi characters are linked is also fairly dealt. Till here, first half sailed at leisure pace providing a time pass. Once the interval block is placed at right time with a shocking Naresh looking his daring and dashing wife Sakshi firing guns at goons, there is a justifying narration.

As we enter into second half, Sai Kishore’s inescapable circumstances dragged the story telling scene by scene. There was less of content and more of sloppy treatment testing the patience. Unnecessary emotional scenes with painful melodrama, fuel-less action further deteriorated the overall appeal.    

Finally, ‘James Bond’ is a flimsy attempt from entire team. Commercially, the film might open to moderate crowds with big film ‘Bahubali’ still roaring. This is high time for Naresh to recheck his strengths and drawbacks before giving the next shot. 

Cinejosh Verdict of James Bond: Weak Sloppy Comedy.

                                                     Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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