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Ism Review
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Ism Review, What’s Behind: Nandamuri Kalyam Ram going for a complete makeover with a robust six packs, Puri Jagannath picking a subject on journalism along with massive promotions made ‘Ism’ much of the awaited project. Let’s get more into the actual Ism review?

Ism Story: Javed Ibrahim (Jagapathi Babu) is a professional Mafia Don lives in Canary Island along with his daughter Alia Khan (Aditi Arya). In the same island are Sultan (Kalyan Ram) and his friend (Vennela Kishore) living purposeless. Sultan, Alia fall in love and Javed isn’t interested. Javed controls the activities in India through Minister (Posani) as Crores of black money from Indian Politicians is flown into a Bank owned by Javed. Sensational news about Javed photos, hideouts are revealed on Grand Leaks website, managed by a group of young journalists headed by Sathya Marthand. Who is Sathya Marthand and who is Sultan? How the very foundations of Indian Economy, Political System are shaken when Sathya Marthand is arrested and produced before a Judicial Committee? 

Ism Artists and Technicians: Concepts weaved with noble intention and the purpose of serving an eye opener for society should also be dealt with same sincerity, intensity and honesty. Basic problem with Puri is he is hiding in a self created comfort zone restricting to a formula narration. Give him a cop story or love story or even a family drama he is addicted to rigid, regular treatment and execution which lost the shine. 

‘Ism’ is different as a storyline because the nucleus is narrated from viewpoint of a journalist and rest of everything is Puri’s rubber stamp. He lost magical essence in screenplay long back. He is completing the job of a director followed as an obligation missing in passion. Except a well written and intensely executed court room scene, rest of the movie is watched numerous times from this same maverick director. Dialogues worked at times.

Mukesh’s camera work is full of conventional frames we find in every Puri movie. Editing by Junaid is good. Anup Rubens music fails to evoke any excitement. NTR Arts and Kalyan Ram production standards are top notch.

Kalyan Ram looked superb with a makeover. He made all the efforts to hold the story on his shoulders. His throw of dialogues, action episodes and stylish costumes are sure to be appreciated. Aditi Arya is neither good at looks nor had the skill to perform. Jagapathi Babu as usual stole the show with his rich, stylish appearance. Tanikella Bharani as a proud father looked appropriate. Eeshwari Rao as hero’s mother was more sentimental. Ali’s comedy failed to tickle despite double meaning lines. Posani is used many times for the corrupt politician roles. Vennela Kishore hasn’t got any big scope. Ajay Ghosh is excellent as police officer in last portions.

Ism Advantages:

Pre Climax Court Room Scene

Kalyan Ram Looks

Production Values

Ism Drawbacks:

First Half

Romantic Track

Character Design





Ism Rating Analysis: What Mahesh Babu did in Pokiri, Businessman or what Gopichand did in Golimaar, the skeleton is all the same even for Kalyan Ram in ‘Ism’ with a change in muscle and color. Protagonist is on a hidden mission wearing mask to reach his goal. After Police, Mafia based heroes; this time Puri selected Journalist for his play. Mafia, Black Money, Corruption and many more elements are cocktailed with a lackluster love track to drive ‘Ism.’

‘Ism’ concept largely inspired from Wiki-Leaks should have been fierce, point oriented and on serious mode. However, Puri took everything on silly lines breaking spines of every character. After establishing Jagapathi Babu as world’s best Mafia Don, how can Puri downplay him like a buffoon. Same applies for Kalyan Ram who doesn’t utter a word when his close friends on mission are killed. Puri seems to have taken every loophole for granted concentrating only on courtroom episode.

First half opens with Kalyan Ram’s childhood resembling Chirutha, Golimaar, Temper openings. Plotting the seed of journalism very early on, NKR kept audience on alert. Immediately, story jumps to Canary Island with JB, Aditi Arya, Vennela Kishore establishing the apparatus. In parallel, corrupt Indian politician Posani is also drawn in. Unappealing romantic track stretches on only to justify with an interval bang of Grand Leaks.

Second half, Puri’s narration gets onto a slightly serious mode. Aditi running to India in search of Kalyan Ram and JB following his daughter are a routine stuff. Situations turn worse just before Kalyan Ram’s journalist gang is busted. Mixing the pity state of agriculture and farmer affairs in state wasn’t really necessary. Pre climax court room episode of 20 minutes span is best part of whole movie where Puri showed loads of maturity and intelligence. All these praises go down in a while with childish climax wherein JB turns a good human being.

‘Ism’ is a formulaic Puri mark movie with one court room episode executed at peak. Kalyan Ram’s hard work was visible through out fitting into a Puri’s monotonous hero template. Journalism is the best point to excite us and Puri used it. Analyzing all these factors, CJ goes with 2.5 stars for ‘Ism.’ Commercial verdict from common audience has to be wait and seen.

Ism Cinejosh Verdict: Puri-Ism Dominates Journalism   

                                               Ism Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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