Hora Hori Review

Hora Hori Review
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Hora Hori Review, What’s Behind: Director Teja is so famous in dealing youthful romance in new shades. It has been the success formula established by Teja and he drowned away into darkness with the same. Here comes one attempt in the same genre with new faces. Let us see how far Teja is at his possible best in ‘Hora Hori’ Review.

Hora Hori Story: Introducing Basava (Chaswa) as a cold blooded Supari killer, he also a soft expression towards love revealed when he meets Mythili (Daksha), belonging to a corrupt police family with suspended CI father and ACP brother. Basava threatens Mythili and her family to win the love. Losing her mental consciousness in a deep shock, Mythili is shifted to Augumbe village, a lush green hilly area in Shimoga district, Karnataka. Meanwhile, Mythili’s friendship with Skanda (Dileep) brings her back to normalcy. In parallel, Basava also lands in Augumbe on a Supari and develops friendship with Skanda. As both their paths cross for Mythili, ‘Hora Hori’ begins.

Hora Hori Artists and Technicians: Like everyday matter, Teja picked a big bunch of new faces to bless then a new lease of life as artists. Unfortunately, only the villain artist Chaswa made a strong impression while hero Dileep and heroine Daksha could not. Chaswa although appeared like a comic material, overall he left a dreadful remark. Dileep is so stifled and faint with weak body language. Daksha is neither eye-catchy nor expressive. Voice dubbed for her character was also roughhewn. Totally, the chemistry between hero-heroines wasn’t authentic. Seema as grand-mother to hero and Rohini as aunt were over-dramatic. Coming to heroine’s family, producer DS Rao as Daksha’s father and new artist as her brother were fine. Fun efforts using a couple of Jabardast artists failed. Among the rest, none needs a big mention.

Hora Hori has an efficient technical team. Deepak Bhagawanth’s camera work is the lifeline. Not so familiar, the fourth wall technology which Teja was speaking on camera department bought a visual appeal. As backdrop (location) selected is one and only Augumbe, camerawork becomes impenetrable and Deepak needs an applause. Throughout the film, mild drizzling gave a special effect. Editing team accomplished their efforts only in fewer portions of second half. Kalyan Koduri’s music is ear-soothing with two to three melodies worth humming and re-recoding is perfect. Coming to Teja’s direction and screenplay, he is still in ‘Jayam, Nuvvu Nenu’ hangover. Despite a gripping take-off, he spoiled the first half with ridiculous sub plots, irrational characterizations and unreasonable stupidity. Whole of computer and net centre challenge is worthless. Teja is back to best of his classic touch in second half dealing hero-villain-heroine thread so tightly. Overall, Teja could have done far better with this tested story format. Production values of KL Damodara Prasad are pretty decent.

Hora Hori Rating Analysis: When modern day budding talents are examining with novel concepts, how many days will Teja abandon his creativity with ‘Nuvvu Nenu’ format? To come out of insecurity (as the film sensed), he has to touch new genres. Apparently, this movie might have been wrapped in a shoe string budget with modest quality. Problem lied in Teja’s story selection and screenplay. A man with able knowledge in exploiting best out of technical departments, it is disheartening to jail himself within this beaten path. Every film cannot be ‘Jayam’ or ‘Nuvvu Nenu’ and every artist cannot evolve out as Nithin or Uday Kiran. Times have changed and Teja’s calculations are continuously going wrong.      

Hora Hori first half is utterly excruciating. Teja’s story narration skill and cool screenplay touch are limited only to introduction of characters. Once the whole platform shifts to Augumbe, our painful journey begins. Pre interval and interval block oozed some respite. Into second half, Teja again showed his characteristic treatment with well handled episodes on hero-heroine-villain game. As and when the identity of hero is revealed before villain, rest is a customary practice towards closure.

Brownie portions here and there in first and second halves along with Teja’s inconsistency rolls out 2 star rating for Hora Hori. Commercial fate depends upon how good our audience can embrace the rehash of ‘Jayam’ and ‘Nuvvu Nenu’ with same old Teja style.

Hora Hori Cinejosh Verdict: Ghora... Ghori.

                                                     Hora Hori Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0            

                                                                                                Reviewed by Srivaas

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