Greekuveerudu Review

Greekuveerudu Review
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Behind the Movie Greekuveerudu: Handsome looks of Nagarjuna made him win this title and director Dasarath trying to cash this craze selected the same as title of the movie. With Nayanathara’s gorgeous presence and SS Thaman’s hit music score, movie arrived today in theatres. Let us see, how romantic this is?

In the Movie Greekuveerudu: Story begins in USA where there is a practically living gentleman Chandu (Nagarjuna) running an event management company. He does not believe in relations and considers them as full of pain with no gain. Along with him is uncle (MS Narayana). Both are living as bachelors enjoying the girls with the philosophy of weekend love. Unfortunately, Chandu’s company falls in debt and has to pay Rs.50 Crores to one of their clients (Ashish Vidyarthi). 

To get out of this financial crunch, Chandu travels to India where his grand father Ramachandra Prasad (K. Vishwanath) and the entire family live. In the journey, Chandu happens to meet ‘Make a Wish’ foundation volunteer Sandhya (Nayanathara). Once Chandu lands in India and begins living with the joint family, he realizes the sweetness in building the relations and understands the emotions. What kind of role did Sandhya, egoistic Doctor Kamaraju (Brahmanandam) and others played forms the rest.

Values of the Movie Greekuveerudu: Like all the movies of Dasarath, core message in the film is ‘Never Give Up in Relations’ and ‘If there is a Pain, there will be a Gain.’ Unluckily, the kind of treatment and smooth flow of emotions which we see generally in his movies lacked here. His direction was just good in parts and same do apply even for writing department. Kona and Gopi’s title cards did not matter much in changing the final output. Anil Bhandari’s camera work is a big minus which killed the emotional connect needed by elevating the backdrop. Even editing wise, this is a poor product. SS Thaman’s musical score and picturisation offered some relief from overdosed melodrama. Better to speak quite less regarding the CG work. Production values of Shiva Prasad Reddy and Kamakshi Movies were never in harmony.

Performance wise, Nagarjuna is cool in a suave look with stylish costumes and new hair style. Sadly, poor work of camera and make up departments failed to explore the dignity and charm in him. May be…as per the demand of character, they have revealed the ageing shades in Nag. Nayan’s character lacks in common sense and behaves too well to un-digest. On looks front, she was gorgeous in saris. While K. Vishwanath just extended his roles from ‘Santosham, Mr. Perfect,’ presence of Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Kasi Vishwanath, Raghu Babu and others was unutilized. Meera Chopra has nothing to show while Sharath Babu, Ashish Vidyarthi, Nagineedu, Naga Babu, Bharath Reddy, Vennela Kishore were brief.

Out of the Movie Greekuveerudu: This is too much to bear from Dasarath because we are addicted to his kind of feel good stories and cannot anticipate anything new from him. With single element of ‘Family Relations,’ he failed this time both in weaving of new scenes and connecting the same with senses of patrons. First half was bearable with introduction of characters and getting into the core point with some portions of drama well worked. Second half or call it the realization to others on self-realization of Nagarjuna’s role is totally flat. Especially, episodes written for ‘Make a Wish’ foundation literally bounced. One more disadvantage is, Dasarath missed on generating enough fun with so many artists on hand. 

Adding more to our sorrows are incompatible camera work and production values which were in non-sync with scene and location. One of the scenes where Dharmavarapu welcomes Nag, Nayan and children at airport was an un-regrettable blunder. There are many more such scenes which rises doubt on actual budget allocated for this venture by Kamakshi. 

Overall, this is not a quality product as what we can think on the lines ‘Santosham’ or ‘Mr. Perfect.’ Opening collections are assured but a long run may not be possible.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Greekuveerudu: More Pain and Less Gain

                                               Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5

                                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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