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Dhruva Review
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Dhruva Review, What’s Behind: Remaking a blockbuster Thani Oruvan in Telugu, hero Ramcharan pinned many hopes to strike back big in Surender Reddy direction. And so, a proven thriller script is here in the offing today for Telugu audience. Rakul Preet Singh is the heroine while Hiphop Tamizha is roped to retain the same Tamil essence in RR. Let us see, how far the team remained faithful to the remake?

Dhruva Story: Dhruva (Ramcharan) is honest and duty minded young IPS officer posted fresh at Organized Crime Branch. Before joining the duty, Dhruva locks his enemy as scientist cum influential businessman Siddharth Abhimanyu (Aravind Swamy), man behind many evil crimes. But, an alerted Siddharth Abhimanyu plays clever and intelligent game with Dhruva separating him from those who are close at his heart. In the process, Dhruva loses his colleague cum best IPS friend Goutham (Navadeep) and is on the verge of losing his lady love Ishika (Rakul Preet Singh). How Dhruva bounces back to bring down Siddharth Abhimanyu Empire in 8 steps is the rest? 

Dhruva Artists and Technicians: Story is quite regular, Good Vs Bad and how good wins over bad. Rather the screenplay from Mohan Raja with continuous twists-turns in a thrilling, crisp and racy narrative overcomes the story drawback. Surender Reddy almost remained faithful to the Tamil original although a clot of commercial tinge here and there did not disturb the central nucleus. Enthusiastically bought balance between Charan and Aravind Swamy characters is the real beauty in ‘Dhruva.’ Episode by episode, we slide onto edge of seat. That is where Surender Reddy’s technical brilliance matched with the original. Dialogues by Vema Reddy are pinching at times but overall it’s an okay job. PS Vinod’s deft camera work with distinct color tones bought a much needed grandeur on screen. Editing by Naveen Nooli with sharp, flash cuts enhanced the thriller flavor. Hiphop Tamizha reworked and rehashed the same potent of BGM from Thani Oruvan which is Dhruva’s real kick ass element. Production standards from Geetha Arts are just amazing.

Onto performances, Ramcharan delivered one of career best performances showcasing the strength in well built physique, settled body language, serious toned dialogue delivery, cool attitude and all in all an underplayed heroism. He did not miss the mark in dances and action scenes too. For the first after long time, Ramcharan was totally absent on screen as Dhruva character dominated the proceedings. 

Aravind Swamy though enters late but his irresistible stylish looks masked behind a criminal mind with swag mannerisms live a long lasting impression. Villains need not be cruel at looks, first proved by Jagapathi Babu in recent times and now Swamy. 

Rakul Preet Singh is brief yet deliciously comfortable with spontaneous expressions. Apparently, the romance is light hearted but gets thumbs up in one scene where conversation between Charan, Rakul writing on glass board express their love knowing Aravind Swami bugged Charan is absolutely endearing. Yes, Rakul isn’t just a glam doll. 

Navdeep, Randheer and entire Charan friends’ batch got their due share in both halves. Posani injected funny moments into a rather serious narrative and as long as Posani is on screen, he entertained. Nassar, Abhinaya and others were apt.

Dhruva Advantages:


Aravind Swamy





Interval Bang

Second Half

Dhruva Drawbacks:

Weak Take Off

Songs Placement

First 30 Minutes

Weak Emotional Quotient

Dhruva Rating Analysis: Keeping away major fact that ‘Dhruva’ is a remake and remembering the words of Surender Reddy about hardships to be faced in handling hit remake, entire ‘Dhruva’ team has done a commendable job. Well polished making with depth, intensity in narration and an ensemble of good artists, ‘Dhruva’ has hit right nodes at right time. Hmm…although can’t be called a flawless execution, Surender Reddy excelled as a director with effective second half handling, a basic necessity to be called hit movie. 

Although, ‘Dhruva’ takes off on a pale note with feeble scenes and unimpressive character entry (including Ramcharan), once the conflict between Charan and Aravind Swamy is established, the film never looked back. In this process, Rakul Preet Singh and Charan friends’ batch served some speed breaks. Interval bang is well designed and splendidly executed.

Into the second half, every episode leaves a stunning impact. Bug placed in Charan’s body followed by Navdeep’s death raise the emotional quotient. Songs although disturbed the flow, Surender Reddy played safe with short length songs. Pre climax and climax is again a part of magical screenplay where Aravind Swamy dominated.

All in all, ‘Dhruva’ is a much awaited break for Ramcharan. Even if you have watched ‘Thani Oruvan,’ the impact won’t be downsized. Surender Reddy and Ramcharan have to be appreciated for remaining so obedient to the original. CJ rates ‘Dhruva’ with 3.25 stars waiting for overall record breaking commercial verdict from common audience.

Dhruva Cinejosh Verdict: Slick and Stylish Action Thriller.

                                                  Dhruva Cinejosh Rating: 3.25/5.0

                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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