Dasami Review

Dasami Review
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Behind the Movie Dasami: With artists Sivaji and Ajay as the faces to recognize, this film directed by debutant Aenuganti Chinna is released today. Let us see, is there anything to speak and analyse positively on this Day of Victory?

In the Movie Dasami: Story opens with womanizer Bokka Kanya Reddy (Ajay) and his friend cum relative (Thagubothu Ramesh) flirting the girls. Into the next scene Sharath (Sivaji) and his batch of seven friends kidnap Kanya Reddy, who happens to be the brother of politician Bokka Bomma Reddy (Posani). What is the rivalry between Sarath and Kanya Reddy? Why Sarath wants to punish Kanya Reddy and how his friends helped him? What happened to CI Sastri (Bharath Reddy) and his brother who are on duty to trace Kanya Reddy? 

Values & Out of the Movie Dasami: Central theme is pivoted around atrocities against women in society and majorly a steep rise in rape cases against young girls. Character of Sivaji repels against the man who murdered his sister. When there is a meaningful plot on hand to keep audience interested, director Chinna has gone for silly chasing scenes between Thaagubothu Ramesh and Bharath Reddy hitting the very soul to a big six. 

Looks to be on innovatively experimental side in lines of 'Aithe,' in this case screenplay and dialogues are definitely poor. Till the completion of first half an hour, we do not understand what's really happening on the screen because director could not register his created characters on time. Thanks to some chic camera angles, the cinematography of Anith keeps the narration alive even though a big lag is sensed in first half. Scenes on Thaagubothu Ramesh, Posani and Bharath are unnecessarily elongated. Coming to second half, screenplay was regular yet effectiveness in pace and execution rises the tempo steering towards an expected climax. Among other technicalities, music and editing are of inferior quality. As project seems to be wrapped on a shoe-string budget, quality more than this cannot be expected. 

Performance wise, Sivaji stood as underplayed for major portion. The song in pre-climax was well shot to reveal the entire depth of bond between Sivaji and his sister. However, it was too late by then. Ajay's role is significant only for the robust physique. Among others Raju (the short-fat guy), Dhanraj, Chitram Sreenu are well registered. Posani was into his usual best while Thaagubothu Ramesh was exhasutive. Bharath Reddy and the artist who did his Brother or Sub-ordinate on duty were stylish.

Finally, onething is for sure...among all the scrap movies released so far in this week...'Dasami' has a decent content to write about. However, treatment could have been far better. If you are so desperate to watch a new flick for this weekend, better try 'Dasami' rather than other senseless and brainless ones.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Dasami: Good Concept - Weak Execution

                                                Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5

                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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