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Columbus Review
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Columbus Review, What’s Behind: Young and charming Sumanth Ashwin has struck to particular set of lover boy roles and ‘Columbus’ appears to be of the same grove directed by R Samala with two beautiful babes Mishti Chakraborthy and Seerat Kapoor as heroines. Let us discover the ins and outs in Columbus Review?

Columbus Story: This is a triangular love story begins with Ashwin (Sumanth Ashwin) punished for two years of imprisonment in an attempted murder case. Once he is out, Ashwin begins the chase to trace his Engineering lover Indu (Mishti Chakraborthy), currently in the USA. Soon Indu lands in India to join a software company and Ashwin uses the same company HR manager Neeraja (Seerat Kapoor) to win the lost love. As story progresses, Neeraja gets attracted towards Ashwin but sacrifices her personal life and love to get him close to Indu. Finally, where Ashwin discovered his original love and whom he selected is rest!

Columbus Artists and Technicians: Starting from story, this is a cute triangular love story which has one strong romantic thread. Narration becomes heart-warming only when Ashwin-Seerat Kapoor track enlightens the best moments. Screenplay is simple, straight and open with no twists and turns. However, excitement misses as soon as audience sense the honesty in Seerat Kapoor track and climax becomes pretty conventional and predictable. Direction wise, debutant R Samala churned out a cool and smooth love story with no big plus points and no big minuses. Bhaskar Samala’s camera work is pretty decent presenting heroines colorfully. KV Krishna Reddy’s editing lacked crispiness. Music by Jitin Roshan is good for couple of songs and JB provided a gripping background score. Production values of Ashwani Kumar Sehdev are too good.

On to performances, we have seen Sumanth Ashwin in enough of these copy-paste roles. He is definitely on the verge of getting monotonous and this might prove damaging. As usual, Sumanth is good looking and cutely dressed. Seerat Kapoor stole the show in second half relative to doll faced Mishti. There was a definite soul in Seerat-Sumanth track which lifted the movie from overall drop. Sapthagiri tried to make fun. Nagineedu, Rohini, Prithvi were fine. Rest no need to mention.

Columbus Rating Analysis: R Samala’s handling of a triangular love story is no innovative. He depended on youthful elements to drive the first half by joining comedy in the name of Sapthagiri. The pale love affair between Sumanth-Mishti fails to impress. Mishti’s characterization lacked in spine and proved detrimental for first half. In contrast, Seerat Kapoor episodes are handled in an interesting way. There is a wonderful chemistry worked out between Seerat and Sumanth.

So, second half is the only asset when Seerat and Ashwin’s efforts to break Mishti’s love make the run entertaining. Later hero discovering his true love by pre climax generated a tender feel and soft corner towards Seerat. If little more of fun in first half and screenplay post interval is fine tuned, result would have been different. A routine and unexciting first half with decently handled second half pre climax, climax scenes make ‘Columbus’ to discover 2.5 stars for itself. MS Raju’s supervision is found to be of no much use. 

Commercially, youth audience might embrace ‘Columbus’ to an extent irrespective of the centre specification. Being Dasara festive season, ticket windows are obviously to become busy. 

Columbus Cinejosh Verdict: Half Way in Discovery of Real Love.

                                                       Columbus Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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