Chandrika Review

Chandrika Review
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Chandrika Review, What’s Behind: The ruling trend of horror films in current Tollywood is extended by one more in the form of ‘Chandrika’ attacked theaters today. Starring Sree Mukhi, Kamna Jethmalani and Karthik Jayaram in main leads, ‘Chandrika’ promotions are simulated from super hit ‘Chandramukhi.’ Let us get into actual ‘Chandrika’ review released today both in Telugu and Kannada versions.

Chandrika Story: Movie takes off introducing an old mansion haunted by Chandrika’s spirit. A renowned painter Arjun (Karthik Jayaram) buys this mansion presented as his wife Shilpa’s (Sree Mukhi) birthday gift. Very next moment they land in mansion, Shilpa begins to behave strangely calling herself as Chandrika dying to take revenge. How is Arjun connected to Chandrika?  Who are Chandrika and her father Ravi Varma (Girish Karnad)? What is the tragic flashback of Chandrika? 

Chandrika Artists and Technicians: Analyzing from story perspective, this is weakest and highly tested backdrop of a married couple residing in an old mansion and a ghost spirit frightens the family members in the process of revenge revealed through a flashback. Sajid Khureshi had a debilitate story and infirm script which can be never made into a feature film. Yogesh’s direction is completely dumb with a pack of inaccuracies. Each and every scene in the film is a third degree treatment for viewers. Never are we scared and never are we made to laugh. In simple, never we are made to travel with narration. Its complete hollowness with overloud sounds despite Gunwanth Sen’s music is at least a savior in parts. Songs can be scrapped at best. Rajendra Babu’s camera work is modest while there is nothing like an editing department at work. Dialogues by Vanamali are just boo-boo. VFX, there is no space. Production values of Flying Wheels Production banner are satisfactory.

Among artists, Sree Mukhi delivered her best in a creepy look inspired by Jyothika in ‘Chandramukhi.’ Yet, her loud shouts and sensible expressions flashed the skill in this talented Telugu actress. Kamna Jethmalani is worse and downhearted. Karthik Jayaram does complete justice for the role which hasn’t got much to explode. Girish Karnad, LB Sri Ram are total disasters in miserably designed characters. Sathyam Rajesh is so foolish. Among the rest, none needs a mention as all of them are unknown Kannada artists.

Chandrika Rating Analysis: Director Yogesh nowhere left a small scope for audience and analysts to speak positive about. Two to three minutes into film, it’s a kid play to guess the whole narrative wherein every episode is dead and predictable. Such is the standard of rotten screenplay and moronic direction. Mandatorily, a horror flick needs shivery moments placed at every corner in the flow. Yogesh tried to rehash ‘Chandramukhi, Chandrakala’ and all those DVD stuff available in shelf. His scene etching is so lamentable, missing in fundamentals. So are the deplorable acting standards exhibited by artists (except Sree Mukhi). 

All in all, ‘Chandrika’ is an asinine attempt made by entire cast, crew to just cash on the ruling horror trend. The film is disqualified by a very wider margin to be rated as Horror Film or in other terms, a feature film too. Pale script, lifeless narration, boring performances and absence of real spine chilling horror or thrill moments makes ‘Chandrika’ worth win 1.5 star rating.

Commercially, there are meager chances of ‘Chandrika’ to strike average in lower order centers just because of publicity and close resemblances to ‘Chandramukhi’ else there is nothing to take us by surprise.

Chandrika Cinejosh Verdict: Horrible Horror!

                                                          Chandrika Cinejosh Rating: 1.5/5.0

                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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