Bhale Manchi Roju Review

Bhale Manchi Roju Review
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Bhale Manchi Roju Review, What’s Behind: Sudheer Babu still stands in industry under the shadow of Mahesh Babu despite a decent hit Prema Katha Chitram to his credit. However, a team of friends joined together for this film generated positive buzz from the very release of teaser. Let us see, how far ths novel touch in trailer is established in the film by reading this Bhale Manchi Roju review

Bhale Manchi Roju Story: Raam (Sudheer Babu) working in a Benz show room attracts beautiful girl Maaya (Dhanya Balakrishnan). While Raam mistakes her with pure love, Maya just loves Raam assuming as a rich guy with many Benz cars around. As and when Maaya unerstood the reality its a breakup and she is getting married to other guy (Chaitanya Krishna). However, Raam dying to take revenge on Maaya rams his car into another car which has a kidnapped bride Seetha (Wamiqa Gabbi). Raam loses his consciousness and when re-opens the eyes, he is in a theatre den belonging to Shakti (Sai Kumar). Here Shakti blackmails Raam to bring his kinapped girl Seetha back. Raam joins hands with one more kidnapper gang (Venu and one more artist) to nab Seetha. How did Church Father (Posani) and Malle Pushpam Rama Rao (Prudhvi) help the show? How a chemistry develops between Raam and Seetha? All these form rest.

Bhale Manchi Roju Artists and Technicians: After 'Swamy Rara', there is a new trend of crime comedy crept into Telugu industry. While some of the writers and directors succeeeded at Box Office, some failed. For sure Sriram Adittya showed lot of promise in dealing this subject with good technical values. In fact, there is nothing much in story but there is alot to offer in the screenplay. The stylized execution made the film impressive with different color patterns, quirky comedy and a bit of intelligence in popping the things together. Although narration lags at its own dogy pace, it is the modern day quality production standars keep us excited. Dialogues are sharp, crispy and there are a few instantly fun generating one liners. Sham Datts camera work is impeccable and every frame is keeps us engrossed. Editing could have been far better to decrease our confusion with too many sub threads joining in and going out. Sunny MRs musical score is jazzy with too much of electric fusion. Of course, such BGM might keep in soul with films in this genre. Art work department does a comprehensive job. Production values from 70 MM are thoroughly appreciative because it is hard for debutant directors to trace such genuine producers who showed uncompromised standards.

On to performances, Sudheer Babu picked up a stylish concept based film with himself in a central character. As a high BP patient or as a back stabbed lover or as a friend fighting to save his friends life, he did complete justice. Of course, there are few scenes to show his muscles and dancing prowess too. Wamiqa Gabbi seems to be a free flowing dancer and she sets the grace in body with very first shot. However, her characterization missed in real depth. Sai Kumar is a bit irritative with lengthy, unwillfulll and adultish role. His episodes with Aishwarya are so fetish. 30 Years industry Prudhvi one more time lifted the overall verdict of film in highly entertaining Malle Pushpam Rama Rao with the punch on Kona Venkat striking right chord. Nalla Venu and his friend Albert were boring. Chaitanya Krishna, Dhanya Balakrishna were in negative traits. Posani provided few laughs as Church Father. Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, Rajya Lakshmi, Narra Seenu and others were ok.

Bhale Manchi Roju Rating Analysis: Director Sriram Adittya has clearly targeted metro audience with this crime caper involving decently written screenplay and wise humor. Following the inspirational footsteps of Delhi Belly, Swamy Rara and few more retro look films came off late, Bhale Manchi Roju is a keenly undertaken avant-garde concept based flick enticing to some extent. Major drawback lied in weak or zero content in first half. After an excellent takeoff with nicely shor aerial scenes introducing the two key characters, Sriram went off the track with meaningless romantic track on one side and irritatingly written Sai Kumar theater episodes. Just before pre interval, movie picks up a worthwhile speed with an interesting interval block.

Into seconc half, again it sails smoooth till a point despite the flow disturbing songs test our patience. Now and then Prudhvi appears an re-appears but climax was totally shouldered by him. The climax twist in kidnap drama also came like a well hidden secret which is exciting. 

All in all, Suheer Babu is lucky to have this sort of a project on hand. At the same time, there are quite many occasional pitfalls in entire narration. Telugu audience should encourage and welcome the new talents coming forward to experiment with fresh ideas and novel plots. The unusual storyline and excellent technical values absorbed those eligible to be highlighted negatives which makes Cinejosh to rate Bhale Manchi Roju with 2.75 stars. Commercially this film might pay in metros and other urban centres.

Cinejosh Bhale Manchi Roju Verdict: Technically Well Sounding Film.

Cinejosh Bhale Manchi Roju Rating: 2.75/5.0

Reviewed by Srivaas 



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