Bhairava Movie Review

Bhairava Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Bhairava: Real Star of Masses is Sreehari once again coming as a Hero after long time. In his regular Police Officer role, Sreehari’s dialogues in the movie promos have already become discussion in film circles. With Sindhu Tolani seen after a hiatus, ‘Bhairava’ also has Sreehari’s son Meghansh debuting as child artist. Let us see, how powerful is this ‘Bhairava’?

In the Movie Bhairava: Bhairava (Sreehari) is a Circle Inspector in one of the Police divisions of Hyderabad. Bhairava is not only honest and sincere Police Officer but deals the cases from public point of view with only intention to see a change in the mind set of people. That is, Bhairava dreams of a society where in people become enough brave to erase the criminals by themselves without complaining it to the police, thus a Police Department which too can enjoy Sunday as a Holiday.

Bhairava also looks after four orphans and one of them is an intelligent boy Shivudu (Meghansh). Bhairava’s major fight is with Chaturvedi (Supreet), back bone for the entire anti social element in Hyderabad. In this fight, Bhairava is assisted by ABN Andhrajyothy journalist Revathi (Sindhu Tolani). At a time when Bhairava succeeds in getting the desired change in society after getting promoted as ACP, something serious and unexpected happens with life of Shivudu and story takes a major turn leading to a climax where in Bhairava becomes the heart beat of Shivudu for life long.

Values and Out of the Movie Bhairava: This is a solo show from Sreehari except here and there few scenes stolen by his son Meghansh. A sincere cop trying to make civilians understand their duties for a better society isn’t a new subject but what makes ‘Bhariava’ different is the comic touch of Sreehari to all powerful dialogues. Entire movie, Sreehari’s Telangana dialect gets wonderfully connected with front benchers and loud whistles are heard at least once in every ten minutes. 

Mass Movies always lack logics and same do apply here. Director Srinivas Reddy has more relied upon elevating Sreehari and his son Meghansh’s image, forgetting the minimum basics required for Balcony classes. Story is simply an ensemble of four to five social problems weaved with Political and Criminal cover. Movie becomes preachy in second half and Sreehari hasn’t excused Print and Electronic Media as he hit them for a very long six. 

Heroine Sindhu Tolani has no scope to perform except walking side ways with Sreehari. Tanikella Bharani, the corrupt Police Officer and right hand to Supreet was good. Better point is that, duets which normally break the momentum of cop stories are kept away by ‘Bhairava.’ There is only one song in the movie and that is given for Meghansh. So, MM Sreelekha’s burden was on background but she fails miserably. Edititng and Cinematography were just okay while Production values of Natti Kumar were also appreciable.

Core theme of the movie is that, it forms the duty of Police to clear 60% of the Criminals from the society while remaining 40% should be dealt by people themselves. That’s a good intention as dialogues by Vijay and Swamiji served the purpose in elevating the theme. 

First half when Bhairava allocates the duties to local Goons designing them as Kings for their respective territories, movie turned hilarious while Sreehari took the action part with help of Fight Matser Vijayan. Come second half, movie becomes boring and preachy with unnecessary and logic less twist in the form of Meghansh. 

Sreehari’s ease in dialogue delivery with Telangana dialect, punching dialogues, good story, energetic action scenes are positives while weak characterizations, lack of gripping screenplay, depthless scenes, boring second half, lack of comedy and music are strong negatives for ‘Bhairava.’

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Bhairava: 60% Average + 40% Below Average = 100% of Sreehari’s Bhairava.

                                                                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas 

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