Bhai Movie Review

Bhai Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Bhai: King Nagarjuna always thinks of versatility and director Veerabhadram Chowdary has a decent track record. A combination of these two is releasing today in theatres as ‘Bhai.’ Music for the film is scored by DSP and there is a whole lot of star cast like Zara Shah, Richa Gangopadhyay, Prasanna etc. Let us see, how good this ‘Bhai’ is made?

In the Movie Bhai: Story begins in Thailand. International Mafia Don David (Ashish Vidyarthi) is leading the D-gang along with two sons (Sonu Sood and Ajay). They also have Bhai (Nagarjuna) working as right hand extending the business to new areas. On an urgent work to see the end of Undercover Cop Arjun (Prasanna) killing the Mafia members, Bhai is sent to Hyderabad. After a long way in finding the real identity of Arjun, a shocking fact is revealed. This Arjun is none other than Bhai’s younger brother. In parallel runs the romantic track of florist Radhika (Richa Gangopadhyay) with Bhai. 

Into the brief flashback, Bhai uraf Vijay’s childhood is linked to Pakala where in his dad (Nagineedu) is seen as village head. Due to a small misunderstanding, Vijay leaves the family and grows up as Bhai while his younger brother Arjun brother becomes ACP and sister Geetha (Zara Shah) is a college student. Now, the target of David and his sons is Arjun? On the opposite, Bhai plays a game of getting close to his family by becoming a wedding planner and also saves Arjun from the clutches of David. All these form the rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Bhai: Real essence of Bhai lies in skinning two different shades for Nag’s character. One as a Mafia member in Thai and then as a responsible elder brother who is saving the family. As usual, Nag was stylish in looks balancing himself with emotional, romantic, comic and action episodes in the film. Richa was just for name sake limited to songs and some over-action scenes. Prasanna was decent coming very late into the film yet he has limited scope to perform. Zara Shah was also brief like the roles of Nagineedu, Rahul Dev and Raghu Babu. As antagonist, Sonu Sood has become monotonous and he is joined by Ashish Vidyarthi. Then we have Brahmanandam as Vikram Donor in second half doing some fun. Vennela Kishore is wasted just like the abnormal come and go of Kamna Jethmanali. Among the others, item songs of Hamsa Nandini, Nathalia Kaur were just okay. 

The basic flaw of ‘Bhai’ lies in predictability of the script. This is an olden story of a missing hero uniting with the family setting the villains on fire and becoming the savior. So, Veerabhadram should have concentrated more on bringing the perceptive family emotions on screen. There are plenty of weak links in the story and script which left direction also to fall flatter. There was no need for half a dozen of introduction scenes forcibly coming one after the other to show Nagarjuna as a powerful mafia man because that was of no use in final run of characterization. Such kind of elemental pitfalls diluted the central theme. Actual story reveals just before the interval block when Nag plots on to kill Prasanna. Second half was made better with entry of Brahmanandam and the local gang of Nagarjuna spreading the humor on wedding occasion. Songs were tedious to watch coming at wrong times. Apart from Nag’s stylish looks and slapstick comedy of Brahmi, MS and Nag, there is nothing great to speak about. Devi Sri Prasad carried out his good work for a couple of songs. Sameer Reddy’s cinematography was bright with chic camera angles while editing was woeful with feebleness sensed in many key scenes. Production values of Annapurna Studios and Reliance Entertainments are quite high.     

Box Office wise, this film is releasing at a time when entire state is reeling under severe flood like cyclone affected situations with heavy downpours recorded. So, we have to wait for opening revenues. Nevertheless, there are no hopes for a long run.

Cinejosh Verdict of Bhai: Old and Dull Narrative for Sleek and Slick Nagarjuna

Cinejosh Rating: 2.5
                                                                                                     Reviewed by Srivaas

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