Best Actors Review

Best Actors Review
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Best Actors Review, What’s Behind: Film maker Maruthi is familiarized for youthful entertainers picked a Malayalam remake this time with young casting and his regular crew. Directed by Arun Pawar, let us see how best is our ‘Best Actors’ movie in this Review.

Best Actors Story: Each and every human being around us including ourselves has an actor inside. So is the group of four friends. Nandu (Nandu), a spoilt brat and fashion designer doesn’t know the value of love; second is Madhu (Madhu Nandan), software professional deeply in love with his boss; third is Abhi (Abhi), an aspiring film maker with several complaints on present Tollywood; last is Krishna (Naveed), a TV show producer honestly loving his anchor Sundari (Bhargavi). Upset with their respective set of problems, they go for a Goa trip.

En-route, Nandu and Madhu meet hot babes Jaya Sudha (Madhurima) and Jaya Prada (Kesha) to indulge in a physical relation. Shock of their life comes in when Sudha and Prada reveal a secret about one of them being infected with deadly HIV. Who among Nandu and Madhu is AIDS victim? What happened to Krishna’s sincere love in Goa? What is Abhi directing? All these form rest.

Best Actors Artists and Technicians: When a film comes from Maruthi camp, the general opinion imprinted in our thoughts is a double meaning adult (youthful) film. ‘Best Actors’ is a combination of double entendres with sincere message to youth about love. Being a remake, Arun Pawar never seems to be honest towards the original. There is exceedingly loud comedy failing to make us laugh. Screenplay becomes stiff in second half with over dramatization of simple flashback romantic track while there is nothing to underline in first half. Direction meanders with inconsistency and Arun Pawar was left clueless with solo intention to make our fun bone tickle. Kitti Vissupragada’s dialogues are a pretty decent work. He oozed some life into youthful characters. Forever, Vishwa Devabaththula is a savior with bright camerawork. Uddav’s editing could have been little sharper despite the runtime is less than 120 minutes. JB’s musical score is pretty conventional. Production values of Maruthi Team Works and Kumar Annamreddy are appreciative.      

Nandu explored the best in him with emotionally well performed second half scenes. In fact, I was amazed looking at his impressive burst before his friends and father. At the same, he was in lighter vein for episodes with his friends. Madhu Nandan’s role has no spine. He is as usual noisy to keep us awake. Abhi and Naveed are just fine. Madhurima and Kesha are red hot. Shamili is graceful. Bhargavi is ok. Sapthagiri evoked superb laughs just like Thaguboth Ramesh in climax. Rest does fine. 

Best Actors Rating Analysis: Perhaps, there has to be a change in our perception when going to watch a Maruthi film especially when the movie has big set of artists. Never to miss the Maruthi brand, director Arun added plenty of double entendres in first half and concept of AIDS locking the first half twist inherently spoke about sex. Take off was dead slow establishing the lead artists and episodes flown for this purpose lacked in soul. Reason why a Goa trip is planned is by itself illogical. Only when glamour spills with arrival of Madhurima and Kesha, movie gets a bit of spice and pace. Later Naveed’s track is annoying. All these imperfections lead us to an interval to relax. Second half has the actual story to unveil when the stigma and pain of Madhu, Nandu is handled. Once the love story of Shamili and Nandu is added, rest is ritual. Thanks to Sapthagiri, he made a serious climax so hilarious. 

‘Best Actors’ has no well recognized Actors to pull our attention except the Maruthi brand. So, commercial success at ticket windows will be over-imagination. Based on some rich visuals, glamorous heroines, a moral message on AIDS and teenage love dealt on moderately picked actors, ‘Best Actors’ is worth 2.25 stars. For audience bored to burn the leisure time at any cost, this can be last best option.  

Best Actors Cinejosh Verdict: Far From Best.

                                                 Best Actors Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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