Bandipotu Review

Bandipotu Review
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Behind the Movie Bandipotu: Having gone through a row of flops, Allari Naresh decided to produce this film on own with brother Aryan Rajesh on EVV Cinema banner. Talented Indraganti Mohana Krishna as director and Eesha as heroine, the film arrived in theaters today. Let us see, how far Naresh stole our hearts?

In the Movie Bandipotu: Movie begins with self introduction of a principled dacoit Vishwa (Allari Naresh) who starts narrating his purposeful life story. Vishwa meets a girl Jahnavi (Eesha). She hires the robbery services of Vishwa to take revenge on businessmen Makranda Rao (Tanikella), Seshagiri Rao (Rao Ramesh) and politician Bhale Babu (Posani). How Vishwa, his friend Thella Abbayi (Sampoornesh Babu) trapped above three in their net and teaches them a lesson? What is the pity flashback of Jahnavi and her father Satyanarayana (Subhalekha Sudhakar) is rest.

Values of the Movie Bandipotu: Allari Naresh is a hero of comic substance and director Indraganti Mohana Krishna is a serious story teller. Combination of these two diverse poles is by itself a wrong move. In tune with spirit of title, ‘Bandipotu’ steals your brain to let go completely mad. Scripting is atrocious and direction is stale, outdated. Writing is further more vexatious. With not even a single line worth to remember or laugh, how can this be called intelligent or wise humor? All in all, Indraganti was never into his regular comfort zone. 

PG Vinda’s cinematography gave the film a classic look while Dharmendra Kakarala’s editing is mind numbing. Placement of songs was absolutely erroneous. Kalyan Koduri music is unsound both for songs and BGM. Finally, production values of EVV Cinema are alone biggest plus for the film. 

About performances, the less we speak more it would be better for our health. In association of Indraganti, even Naresh lost his touch. Neither there were side splitting dialogues for Naresh to excel nor those comic punches to relieve audience from pain. Only one buildup challenge shot between Naresh and Rao Ramesh was filled with witty lines. Rest, all the remaining stuff is a mere waste. Romantic track of Naresh with Eesha lacks in soul. There is a complete injustice for the track. Eesha looked pretty but has nothing to perform. Tanikella Bharani was lethargic. Rao Ramesh was inconsistent. Posani although showed an effort to lift the second half, with a tried and tested characterization he was wearingly dull. Chandramohan was a right pick.

Sampoornesh Babu, Sapthagiri, Avasarala Srinivas are for name sake. Among the rest, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Khayyum etc just showed their presence. Shraddha Das item song was also dispirited.           

Out of the Movie Bandipotu: It would be difficult for a viewer and reviewer to grade this kind of a film. There can’t be any wrong and absurd combination of director and hero than this one. This is a classic example of what a complete mismatch in cast, crew really means. A volume of questions strike our thoughts on what is such interesting part in story and script provoked Naresh and Rajesh to accept, act and produce ‘Bandipotu.’ 

EVV Cinema is a strong buttress supported and saved Telugu cinema comedy. How can Naresh think of enjoying a serious flick ‘Bandipotu’ on his father’s banner? Going through a row of flops, Naresh could have welcomed a change within a comfortable, safe ambit. The trip of ‘Bandipotu’ has more of efforts, yields for barely unacceptable result. Naresh should analyze and understand the reasons behind his past failures. Instead of being in zone of self-blaming, Naresh should re-construct his fort of comedy. Good entertainment (comedy) always pays.  

Despite a section of patrons might sympathize with Naresh, how far they could save the final commercial judgment is highly uncertain. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Bandipotu: He Robs Your Brains.

                                                            Cinejosh Rating: 2/5

                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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