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Akhil Review
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Akhil Review, What’s Behind: The new entrant from Akkineni compound, Akhil has been the buzz substance in Tollywood from last few months. Director VV Vinayak accepting the challenge to launch Akhil with a socio fantasy backdrop under the production of Nithin has set the standards so high. In spite of a month delay in release, ‘Akhil’ mania gripped two Telugu speaking states. How mammoth the actual product is, let us analyze in our ‘Akhil’ review.

Akhil Movie Story: Centuries ago, great sages and holy men in India formulate a special powered ball called as ‘Jua’ to save earth from burning effects of sun, which can impair the lives of people during times of solar eclipse thus resulting in a global catastrophe. However, a Russian named Khatrochi is in search of Jua for his nefarious benefits. Ojo tribes in Africa living near Equator are in possession of Jua. Due to an attack by Khatrochi and his henchmen (Mahesh Manjrekar), the divine component is hidden in a secret place. 

Meanwhile, story shifts to India wherein youngster Akhil (Akhil) falls in love with Medico Divya (Sayesha Saigal), who happens to be daughter Mahesh Manjrekar. Slowly, the story drifts to Europe and then to Africa as Akhil follows Divya till the time, she is kidnapped by Khatrochi’s men. That’s where Akhil believes himself as a savior of earth and brings Jua back to its place crossing Khatrochi and Bodo, the African criminal.

Akhil Artists and Technicians: Storyline assumed by Veligonda Srinivas had a little excitement quotient in it. Believing in line is different from penning the screenplay and presenting the same with efficient sagacity. Development of a socio fantasy line into full-fledged script is completely filled with unpardonable defects. Treatment and screenplay were so horrible that you can’t even go through at least one episode comfortably. Kona Venkat dialogues are nothing less than quintals of scrap. Direction wise, VV Vinayak nowhere imbibed simplest of emotion to connect with audience. OMG, what are those episodes of Rabbit undergoing Heart Surgery or Rajendra Prasad, being a Medical College Professor or Dean or whatever falling short of 2 Lakhs for her mother’s surgery… one by one many such sub-threads kill the trust one had on Vinayak as you can foresee the lowest quality of product in the offing. Then, music from SS Thaman and Anup Rubens served a bit of respite. Mani Sharma used his old set of tracks for BGM which isn’t again much competent. Amol Rathod camera work isn’t the top notch. Much of the visuals used in first half missed the quality DI. Anyhow, locales selected for songs in Spain and other European countries were picturesque. Editing by Goutham Raju is also a low standard work which harmed the show. Stunt choreographers have worked extensively and Dance Master Johnny composed energetic steps for the newcomer. Later on, VFX like Panther fight, Volcano burst, fight in moving plane etc were atrociously designed. Nithin and Shresht Movies production values remained so grand for a bland product.

On to performances, Akhil tried to put in extra energy for his very first film. He stood exceptional only in exhibiting a flexible body with agile dance moves and a spirited display in stunts. On to rendering of dialogues or excelling in emotions, he has a long way to go. Displaying the attitude and sincerity towards the work made Akhil, a sure winner. Heroine Sayesha Saigal is pretty good at looks and done the trick with amazing screen presence. She is a great dancer indeed. However, her characterization has nothing to prove in the distracted screenplay. Brahmanandam as Johnson comes in second half to parade Kona’s barbaric writing in association with Vennela Kishore. Then, Mahesh Manjrekar is in an ill-defined role. The Africans and Russian artists were hopeless. Jaya Prakash Reddy and Sapthagiri were disastrous. Rajendra Prasad and Hema are made to escape from middle. Nagarjuna’s cameo dance moves on Akkineni Akkineni song might impress Fans. Rest does not need any mention.

Akhil Rating Analysis: If there is anyone to blame with this film, it has to be Nagarjuna for selecting a lackluster script and VV Vinayak for benighted direction. Nowhere, Vinayak succeeded to sustain the audience interest. Probably, he might not have understood what Jua means and what’s the power of adding a love story to it? Narration goes comprehensively on a flat note and execution touches lowest of ebb with each episode. Comic scenes added into the narration stood worst dealt in Vinayak career. How can a senior director like Vinayak miss the continuity in story telling or else editing department should have been in slumber. 

Without giving a proper establishment of Jua or the real fantasy factor in story, how Vinayak thought of relying more on a mindless, stupid romantic track needs a definite answer from him. Total Spain schedule is ridiculous and illogical. Then, the following African safari is also foolishly driven. CG during these episodes is far inferior to small-screen serials. First and second halves are equally good-for-nothing. For all those audience who might have thought of a meaningful or convincing climax… no way, Vinayak doesn’t let you that easily. The killer fishes are ready to slay you. A bit of common sense, how did Jua reach such dangerous place or how, when is that African guy trying to rescue Jua has hidden it? Even a basic cinema illiterate can continue to drill Vinayak, Veligonda and Kona for their over-cinematic liberties taken in executing this shameless project. 

Irrespective of the commercial verdict which needs no mathematical formulae and power of Jua to interpolate, Cinejosh grossly feels sorry for Akkineni Akhil’s poor debut and rates the film with 2 stars.

Akhil Cinejosh Verdict: Deplorably Disastrous Debut.

                                                              Akhil Cinejosh Rating: 2/5

                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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