Akatayi Review

Akatayi Review
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Akatayi Review, What’s Behind: New faces are flooding TFI and much of them are going without any recognition. Introducing Ashish Raj and Ruksar Mir as lead faces, Rom Bhimana directed the movie on a high budget with a popular commercial formula. Let’s see, what the film is all about?

Akatayi Story: Vikrant (Ashish Raj) is a young, smart engineering student living happily with parents (Suman, Rashi) falls in love with Anagha (Ruksar Mir) belonging to the same college. On the other side, a group of goons headed by Jehangir (Pradeep Rawant) from Mumbai are on hunt for Vikrant. On an unfortunate day, Anagha finds that Vikrant is the adopted son of his current parents and has a flashback. Before Suman and Rashi decide to narrate the flashback, they are killed brutally by Jehangir. It’s a puzzle before Vikrant to chase his own roots. 

Here comes the key linking character in story revealing Vikrant as only son of honest jail superintendent Vikrama Simha (Sindhura Puvvu fame Ramkee). What’s the rivalry between Vikrama Simha, Jehangir and how Vikrant puts an end to Jehangir’s terror plot is rest.

Akatayi Artists and Technicians: What’s interesting about the film is, it starts as a simple youthful romantic story but gets gradually into serious revenge-drama tone finally entering into International terror and bio-weapons. Such imprecise storyline, inexact screenplay wandering at will and wish with a loose purpose further turned problematic for viewers in Rom Bhimana direction. A movie has to be honest to its core concept. Instead jumping onto multiple points without establishing any of them is an offence because Rom Bhimana neither got accomplished artists or strong technical backing in the team to design a mass-masala-commercial outing. Venkat’s camera work is just mediocre and so is the poor editing from MR Verma with extensive runtime of nearly 145 minutes left audience in lurch. Mani Sharma’s music both for songs and background is one of the real assets. Production standards from Vijay Karan, Kaushal Karan and Anil Karan are praiseworthy.

Onto performances, Ashish Raj hasn’t got those heroic shades to shoulder such weighty story. None of his histrionics impress yet his hard work was visible throughout. Ruksar Mir is cute at looks but hasn’t got meat in characterization. Ramkee comes back into action. Suman, Naga Babu, Rashi are just fine. Pradeep Rawat is a regular villain. One bit on Brahmanandam is hilarious. Rest of the artists may not need a big mention.

Akatayi Advantages:

- Interval Twist

- Mani Sharma BGM

Akatayi Drawbacks:

- Story

- Screenplay     

- Direction

- Artists

- Runtime

- Second Half

Akatayi Rating Analysis: Commercially beaten to death formulae movies aren’t winning the Box Office in recent times despite star heroes generally consider them as safe genre. But a debutant hero and inexperienced director made Akatayi a child play at the cost of wasting rich production and lavish promotion standards. Apparently, story holds some value when it is kept on paper or heard orally but translating the same on screen with visual interpretation is not that easy. Here’s where, Akatayi leaves everything unbaked.

Movie takes off with a wrong-identity killing. Then its regular youthful college scenes where there was little humor, little glamour and a bit of intelligence. When the proceedings go little shaky, director pushed us into core plot by killing Suman, Rashi throwing hero Ashish Raj at challenge. Suspense managed till now is also fine followed by a twist at the interval block.

Ashish Raj’s flashback, entry of Ramkee keeps the story on move. Later on, Ashish Raj’s search for truth and revenge turns mundane. Naga Babu’s track is so silly. Pradeep Rawat’s Pakistan link and bio-weapons are imprudent. Unnecessary episodes test our patience before running to regular climax and there’s a distortion here too.

All in all, ‘Akatayi’ is a naïve attempt from Rom Bhimana which spoiled an interesting premise. Though begins on time pass entertainment format, the film loses track midway failing to stick on. It’s neither an action film nor a revenge drama nor a teenage love story nor International terrorism centric. Too many cooks spoil the broth and CJ goes for 2 stars to Akatayi.

Cinejosh Akatayi Verdict: Everything Went Wrong

                                                       Cinejosh Akatayi Rating: 2/5

                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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