Agnyathavasi Review

Agnyathavasi Review
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Director: Trivikram
Producer: Radha Krishna
Release Date: Wed 10th Jan 2018
Actors: Pawan Kalyan, Anu Emmanuel, Keerthy Suresh, Khushboo, Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma, Adhi Pinishetty And Others
Agnyathavasi Rating: 2.5 / 5
Agnyathavasi Punchline: 1st Trivikram Film Without Trivikram Mark

Agnyathavasi Review, What's Behind:

Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram duo stood as one of the best combinations in current Tollywood with super hit films like Jalsa and Atharintiki Daredi. While Trivikram’s career is going great guns with series of hits, Pawan is not in form with two consecutive failures. At this juncture, Agnyathavasi has hit the screens amidst huge expectations. Let's see how well the film catered to the needs of movie lovers.

Agnyathavasi Story Review: Govinda Bhargav aka Vinda (Boman Irani), an entrepreneur MD for AB Group of companies and his younger son are shot dead by his rivals in two different incidents leaving the clues of culprits as Sharma (Murali Sharma) and Varma (Rao Ramesh). Everyone thinks Vinda has no successors to lead the empire left alone by widow Indrani (Khushboo). 

But then no one knows, Abhishikt Bhargav aka AB (Pawan Kalyan) who is in exile is looked after by his Indrani. Abhi now decides to take revenge against the criminals behind his father and brother’s murders to land in AB office with false identity of Balasubramanyam to trap Sukumari (Keerthy Suresh) and Surya Kantham (Anu Emmanuel), daughters of Sharma and Varma. In the process to usurp the crown, AB comes across many hurdles as Sitaram (Adhi Pinishetty) is also the prime contender for CEO seat and kingpin behind crimes. How AB proves his identity through a legal will written by Vinda is rest of the film.

Agnyathavasi Artists, Technicians Review:

Agnyathavasi is primarily a hero centric film which merely depends on Pawan Kalyan's craze and charisma. Odds and ends only stand next. Despite having basic reference guide of Largo Winch, Trivikram failed to execute a feeble script and his direction touched the new low. What’s more disappointing to the core is Trivikram missed his trademark dialogues, treatment  and pace of the film is dead slow. Unlike most of Trivikram films stand on spine with strong family emotions and tender heart touching sentiments, Agnyathavasi has no due importance to any such elements missing the basic emotional thread. Logics aside, Trivikram missed in his fundamental magic with pen and paper. Rather he depended on high end technicalities to drive the show. Cinematography by Manikandan stood highlight and films looks glossy traversing many foreign locations from Bulgaria to Assam. Editing by Kotagiri is very dull with awkward transition. Young Kollywood musical sensation Anirudh impressed at times with BGM but his main score for songs missed in nativity. That’s where one would feel of missing DSP. Anyways, BGM at interval lead sequence and a few other action sequences elevating Pawan Kalyan was good. Kodaka Koteswara Rao song is major highlight while Galivaluga, Baitikochi songs aren’t so appealing on screen. Production values from Radhakrishna and Haarika Hassine are very rich.

Onto performances, Pawan Kalyan alone shouldered Agnyathavasi though went over board many a times disparaging his image by self. Sometimes, his mannerisms reminded Khushi times especially hilarious interaction scenes with heroines. Pawan hasn't tapped his feet for any number. Emotions wise, his chemistry with Khushboo stood out. Keerthy Suresh appeared plump girl next door. Anu Emmanuel sizzled in sexy dressing. Both these ravishing beauties lent their own voices to rather useless characters. Kushboo emoted superbly and is one character written with depth. Adhi once again nailed as antagonist in crisp screen time. Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma and Raghu Babu tried to generate some silly comedy in second half. Boman Irani is crucial but had little to perform. Tanikella Bharani, Srinivas Reddy played their part as side support to hero. Indraja, Sampat Raj, Vennela Kishore are just fine.

Agnyathavasi Review Advantages:

Pawan Kalyan


Second Half 

Production Values

Agnyathavasi Review Drawbacks:



No Trivikram Mark Writing


First Half


Agnyathavasi Review Rating Analysis: 

Very much known to all, Agnyathavasi is blatantly inspired from Largo Winch. Yes, it’s true and Trivikram instead of adopting a new narrative style has just followed the beaten path of Atharintiki Daredi with strong resemblances in penning characters and picking the casting. Nowhere, he was in full flow with hindrances in every scene objecting the narrative. For the first time, one would feel as if watching a Trivikram film without Trivikram. Less number of dialogues in a rather meaty substance is dominated more by style and grandeur.  

First half flags off on thrilling note when Boman Irani and his son are killed. However, momentum isn’t sustained when Pawan Kalyan is introduced with witless show of his martiual arts followed by a song in Kasi backdrop on his way to join AB Group as Khushboo awaits. There is so much of space to carve comedy sequences at AB office with many characters of Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Keerthy Suresh, Anu Emmanuel in place, tragically nothing much of fun ripened. Screenplay runs at snail pace. Pawan used Mega Star Chiranjeevi's references of Gharana Mogudu and Tagore funnily to delight the Fans. As romance takes centre stage followed by couple of songs, Adhi is also bought into main plot. Slowly and steadily, we move towards pre interval when Pawan kills goons in the name of Nakula Dharma. After nothing much to grip our interest, one more lengthy dialogue from Khushboo elevating heroism in Pawan Kalyan with interval lead action sequence reveals Abhishikt Bhargav’s identity.

With second half, Sampat Raj into case details a lengthy flashback of Boman Irani and the birth of Abhishikt Bhargav to his first wife Krishna Veni (Indraja). Just before the company’s Board meeting, Pawan decides to crack Adhi Pinishetty and begins to teaser Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma and Raghu Babu. These episodes turned so brutal that audience are seen walking out. Whole of belt episode and cycling in corporate office are foolish stuff unexpected from a genius like Trivikram. Finishing Kodaka Koteswara Rao song, film again turns serious shifting to Bulgaria. A song here on Anu, Keerthy and Pawan is one more wicked attempt. In the name of twists and turns in screenplay, heroines and Tanikella become more stupid pushing the story to pre climax speech from Khushboo and fight sequence in parallel presentation. Heavy dosed drama climax isn’t striking as Atharintiki Daredi railway station episode.  

Finally, the deadly combo of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram missed the mark by a mile with agnyathavasi. This is undoubtedly weakest movie in Trivikram’s entire career lacking not only his punch in writing but also power in Power Star characterization. Watch the film with expectations or without expectations, Agnyathavasi is a complete disappointment which fell short on every step. Box Office wise, festive season is a blessed advantage in favor but how far mouth talk disturbs the overall equation has to be wait and seen. Cinejosh goes with 2.5 stars.

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