3G Love Review

3G Love Review
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Behind the Movie 3G Love: Success of 'Ee Rojullo' is luring many amateur producers and directors to try their luck. This film has got good promotions in market with some quality trailers aired. Let su see, what is this 3G all about?

In the Movie 3G Love: Openly speaking, there is no central content or story in this except a big bunch of nearly 16 to 18 youngsters in their teenages studying in an Engineering College share their interests. Well, do not expect  these as professional interests. Its pure personal...while girls in Ladies Hostel are confused on whether to maintain one Boy Friend or run multiple affairs at a time, boys always starve only and only for sex. In between is one of the girl's father (Rao Ramesh) offering the same lessons. If you ask me anything more than this, I will stop my writing here itself.

Values & Out of the Movie 3G Love: First of all, one man who needs to take the entire blame for sprouting of films in this genre is director Maruthi of 'Ee Rojullo.' What we are seeing today is a flood of similar projects releasing and playing with sensibilities of audience. How can a writer or director stick to a mindset that ultimate goal of all friendships (between a boy n girl) or marriages is Sex. Though it is asinine to review this film, as it forms my job to find some positives, I tried hard but came out with a blank face. Such is the heinous writing, atrocious screenplay and offensive direction. 

To be more frank, Doordarshan TV serials or C grade Malayalam movies look far better than this. Without story and central characters to play, I really wonder on how director Govardhan Krishna approached producer Pratap Kolagatla and how this project really happened. Beginning with the Park episode where in couples run for bushy trees till the climax, every scene was cheaply dealt. Especially the auditorium scenes and diagramatic representation of Boy+Girl in 'Friendship' leading to 'Love' and 'Sex' or Boy+Girl in 'Marriage' with acceptance of Parents finally leading to 'Sex' reflects the most barbaric thinking of director and completely offensive in projecting the current youth mentatlity. 

However, one man who spread the fragrance of 'Thulasi Plant' in this 'Ganjayi Vanam' is music director Sekhar Chandra. He came up with simple, sweet tunes and some soothing background. Both Cameraman and Editor should be sued for causing severe physical and mental agony for audience with their derisory work. Coming to performances from a big group of artists, OMG...I can't elaborate them in words. Finally, writing anything more than this will be an insult to the term 'Reviewing' and so, I stop it here.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie 3G Love: Not 3rd Grade, this is a 30th Grade Cheap Filthy Movie.

                                                 Cinejosh Rating: 1/5

                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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