Lesbian Sex Racket in Chirala!

Published: Thu 24th Jun 2010 05:04 AM
Lesbian Sex Racket in Chirala!
Lesbian Sex Racket in Chirala!
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Call it an adverse effect of increasing modernisation or sprawl of western culture into interiors of Andhra Pradesh. One of the shameful incidents has today come into light when visuals and video footage of a hostel owner involved in Lesbian acts with girl students and women residing in her hostel in Chirala.

This explosive news has been telecasted by a regional news channel which secured necessary evidences regarding this sex scandal. Name of the lady behind runnng of this hostel cum sex centre hasn’t been come out but for sure she is known to be a divorced woman from elite section of society.

Recently the same lady has started these kinds of women and girls hostels in Ongole and Hyderabad (Punjagutta) and controlling the entire business from Hyderabad. She has a peculiar modus operandi of trapping those girls in the hostel who are financially backward or struggling in their personal and professional lives. With already arranged secret CC cameras in the room, all the sexual activities are made in the form of CD and DVD’s which are used again to blackmail the victims who ultimately will be pulled into regular brothel house business on call and hire basis.

This is a wakeup call for all those women and girls entering cities and towns dreaming to make high in their lives.

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