Aunties on Hyderabad roads for LIFT!

Published: Tue 01st Jun 2010 05:28 AM
Aunties on Hyderabad roads for LIFT!
Aunties on Hyderabad roads for LIFT!
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Hyderabad is a place where something sensational comes into light very often One such masala incident is this happening on Hyderabad roads. A gang of beautiful aunties in their middle ages who are greedy for welath and so called false status have started a new business and this is how it goes.

Each of these aunties have selected an area where bachelors live in heavy poopulation like Ameerpet, Kukatpally and few more. Their job is to stand in local bus stops and act as if waiting for a bus from long time. When any of the bachelor is seen with atleast a gold chain in his neck, next moment they do is to show him a  thumb and asking for a lift with a double meaning.

Poor bachelor starts getting the pleasure of being with a beautiful and tempting aunty on his back seat when they start touching his body everywhere. This bachelor will get the knowledge of snatching his Gold Chain only once he lives home. By any chance if you don’t co-operate with these aunties, they make a mess of your character and try to call the public around you alleging that you are harrassing her.

One such gang is recently arrested by Punjagutta Police. Be aware with tempting aunties who show their thumb next time.  Its not LIFT but you are THEFT.

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