Hot aunty enjoys it only naked on bed!

Published: Thu 25th Mar 2010 10:53 PM
Hot aunty enjoys it only naked on bed!
Hot aunty enjoys it only naked on bed!
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It is true that generations have changed and the life styles of people are continually changing. Teenagers of this modern age are enjoying life to the fullest in the name of parties and dating. Here is a Hot Aunty from Banjara Hills who is known to be from a popular business family is striving hard to adjust herself with these generation change overs.

Husband of this beautiful aunt is known to be most of the time roaming around overseas in the name of business trips while her only daughter is newly married and left with the husband to USA. This seductive aunty who got addicted to special type of Burgundy rum by sake of her husband is now single and waiting for the company.

Being from a conservative family set up, this woman has specially made a bar set up in her bed room where in she likes to sip this special rum without the notice of workers in the house. Although she kept it as a secret for most of these days, when one of her servants has cracked it and peeped through the window, she was in a strange position having the rum lying naked on the bed.

Well, that was enough for the servant to make the news leaked to car driver and from there it has gone almost public in hi-fi circles of Banjara Hills. By the way, this rum aunty is also known to be running a fashion store earlier.

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