10th class girl gang raped for four days!

10th class girl gang raped for four days!
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This is one of the hottest news in the city, as a 10th standard girl studying in Government School has been kidnapped by four boys of the same area and took her all the way to near by Tirupathi.

All these four members gang raped her and kept on torturing the girl for nearly four days repeatedly raping her again and again. Even they have picturized the whole incident on a camera to blackmail the girl later. After four days, the girl has been dropped back in Hyderabad warning her not to leak the rape to either their family or police. In case of leakage, her nude photos and sex video will be released on net.

Frightened up girl approached police and in no time all the four were caught. Surprisingly of the four that raped this girl, two were known to be minors. Even then Police took all of them into custody and investigating further.

(For sake of the girl’s future, even the name and locality has not been mentioned by the visual media)

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