Tempting Prostitutes on roads of Hyderabad.

Published: Mon 30th Nov 2009 07:50 AM
Tempting Prostitutes on roads of Hyderabad.
Tempting Prostitutes on roads of Hyderabad.

Sex with hot prostitutes was a costly affair and has run with a secret brothel houses…this is the past story. Hyderabad has now become the so called “Metro” by inheriting the foreign “Metro”culture. With raising incomes and ever increasing demands to satisfy your libido, the sex services are now available at your door step now, say an analyst.

By the time when clock returns to 11 PM tonight, major centres like RTC Cross road, Punjagutta Circle, Secunderabad Railway Station, Nagarjuna Circle, Gymkhana ground and other major areas are flourishing with tempting prostitutes and service oriented pimps.

Police even with good knowledge of these happenings just stay away from you. Whole of the city comes alive with traffic and regular activities by 4 AM, but these illegal sex activities will began their day from 11 PM or 12 AM mid night. It is the ill fate of Hyderabadi customers that even eunuchs started to make hot money by staying on the roads alluring two wheelers and four wheelers with their jhatkas. Be careful, when you get out of your house after 11 PM by any mistake.

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