Love & Sex @ Hyd. online “friendship clubs”

Published: Sun 15th Nov 2009 04:47 AM
Love & Sex @ Hyd. online “friendship clubs”
Love & Sex @ Hyd. online “friendship clubs”
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These girls target the online Friendship Clubs…their major focus will be on those kind of employees who earn more, primarily in Software jobs. These girls will have a sweet voice and broad heart. Yes, a big sex racket is known to be running in Hyderabad and other metropolis in the name of these Friendship Clubs.

Online Friendship Clubs have become a new adda for illegal sex activities. Firstly they will trace out the real software employees who have the power to afford and are searching for a partner to enjoy. This category of youngsters will be trapped very easily through any of the online Friendship Clubs and their phone numbers will be captured.

Here starts their real game. Girls with sweet voices make a call and try to indulge you in a sex chat or friendship. With in no time, after checking your earning capacity the so called friendship turns into the real sex affair. Don’t get much excited, nothing is free here and they charge good amounts depending upon the girl you select.

There are huge numbers of Friendship Clubs opened in this sex business and various illegal activities are going on at full swing. As per some information from the media, some of these Friendship Clubs have even opened their offices and rendering their services. “Door delivery sex service,” is really hot.

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