Desi girls blue film mafia @ Kadiri

Published: Thu 12th Nov 2009 12:20 AM
Desi girls blue film mafia @ Kadiri
Desi girls blue film mafia @ Kadiri
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Kadiri town in Anantapur district is turning into a huge blue film mafia. When few of the regional news channels concentrated on this sex scam, sour facts started to roll down. An amazing story has been brought out by one of the regional channels about this scam.

Two of the illegal gangs in Kadiri recruited few youngsters who are college going to trap the girls in their college. These youngsters fulfill their job and bring these girls near to the forest area which is in outskirts of Kadiri. This is the place where secret cameras, mobile phones with cameras are installed by these gangs. These college couples enter the forest and do all the worst sexual acts which are trapped in these cameras. College boys are paid huge amounts for this job, say a source.

This bushy forest has now even become the adda for brothel houses and you find all kind of International brand condom packets, beer bottles, whisky bottles thrown up in this area. At any given point of time, there will be at least five to ten couples making sex in this small forest area. Police department even know this fact, but still keeping quite.

All this blue film content recorded in this forest will be edited and remixed with excellent quality and sold in the market for fancy prices. Even few of the mobile shop owners are said to be operating this blue film CD’s market at a big scale. Mobile phones of Kadiri citizens are filled with all this sex content as they are being dumped into mobile phones by mobile shop owners at just 10 to 20Rs. Even this desi blue film CD’s are known to be sold at just 10Rs per CD in Kadiri local area.

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