Sex activities @ Cyber Cafés.

Published: Thu 29th Oct 2009 07:16 AM
Sex activities @ Cyber Cafés.
Sex activities @ Cyber Cafés.

Globalization phenomenon has brought a revolution in usage of IT. Internet is one such a shoot out which has been optimally misutilized by the youth all over the world. When coming to our own Hyderabad, Cyber café’s have sprouted all over the city in galli galli.

Using these cyber cafe’s separate, closed and individual cabins, youth mostly college going group is involving in illegal sex activities. Inclusive of this, the browsing of Pornographic websites has become a common activity in these Café’s. Most of the Cyber Café owners are using this as a source for heavy income generation.

There have been no guidelines specified by Government authorities in establishing or running these Cyber Cafe’s till date. With raising illegal sex activities all over the city in these Cyber Cafes, Police department has come out with few guidelines which are to be compulsorily implemented from now on in establishing or running a cyber café.

Rules like maintaining the record of customers, firewalls for avoiding the browsing  of porno sites, prohibition of closed cabins etc were put under these guidelines. Visit the website for further details.

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