Hot Prostitutes and their sex adda @ Yadagiri Gutta.

Published: Sun 25th Oct 2009 01:17 AM
Hot Prostitutes and their sex adda @ Yadagiri Gutta.
Hot Prostitutes and their sex adda @ Yadagiri Gutta.
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Sacred place Yadagiri Gutta of Laxmi Narasimha Swamy has become an adda for prostitution rackets. With onset of so called modern culture, busy IT guys and business people are making their way to Yadagiri Gutta during weekends as pleasure trips. This made the Prostitution market which is already having its thirst in  Yadagiri Gutta to further make a take off.

Now a days you see an entirely developed Yadagiri Gutta with Air Conditioned rooms, hi fi lodges spread overt the town. In the same way is the prostitution and sex business made its big hands in this divine town.

Today Warangal Police and Task force have made some unexpected ridings on lodges of Yadagiri Gutta and 46 girls are caught redhanded when indulging in this sex crime. All of them with their enjoying respective partners are shifted to Police Station. This news has come out as sensation.

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