Mallu babes hot prostitution.

Published: Wed 21st Oct 2009 09:31 AM
Mallu babes hot prostitution.
Mallu babes hot prostitution.
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Kerala Kuttis, especially nursing students arrive in Hyderabad with wonderful future in their dreams. Mostly, majority of the Nursing Colleges in the city are filled by the Kerala kuttis. They thrive through out their life in service of the mankind. But few consultants are taking chance of future of these girls and are playing the spoil sport.

All the corporate hospitals in Hyderabad and with in the State are offering Nursing courses. But with raising expenditures by corporate hospitals, many are keeping the number of these nurses at bay. Nurses who play a pivotal role in recovery of patients are looked heinously by the outsiders.

Now with dwindling opportunities in this career, many consultancies have sprung up here and there in Hyderabad and surroundings. They show beautiful colors about the future of nurses in foreign countries and trap them. With handsome incomes shown as a reason, many of these Mallu babes are in flown into the hot business of prostitution.

Unable to live a justified life, these Mallu girls after surviving for few months in this business are making their journey back to their homeland. This is the pitiful situation of Mallu Nurses in Andhra Pradesh…and of course the South India too, said a suffering nurse.

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