Jagan going Supreme Court against CBI

Published: Mon 15th Aug 2011 06:48 AM
Jagan going Supreme Court against CBI
Jagan going Supreme Court against CBI
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Ysr Congress Party president Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy will approach the Supreme Court on Tuesday to challenge the Andhra Pradesh High Court’s order asking the Central Bureau of Investigation to probe into his alleged illegal assets.

Speaking to media persons on Monday at the party office after flag hoisting he claimed that his friends have invested in the Saakshi, Bharati Cements and power projects  in a normal course  with good faith in him and earned substantial profits in return. Giving an example he said that one of his   friends, Prasad invested Rs. 256 crores in Bharati Cement and earned returns of Rs. 500 crores.

Jagan said that the allegations against him were being leveled only after he quit the Congress party. He said that character of his late father YS Rajasekhara Reddy, who played an important role in bringing back the party to power in the state and the centre, was being maligned. 'It is all because they don't want a man, who has left the Congress party to come back to power in the state,' he fumed.

Jagan said that it was not proper to level charges against the person who is no more in the world.  Criticising the Congress party he denied all the allegations of amassing huge wealth when his father was the Chief Minister. Defending YSR, Jagan said the decisions to allot land or provide other benefits were taken only after the approval of the cabinet.

Targeting TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, he said even Babu allotted thousands of acres of lands to private organization during his nine year long regime and why he was not being questioned about the same. Jagan said that Babu had earlier termed the CBI as Congress Bureau of Investigation and now how was asking the same CBI to enquire into his assets case.

The Ysr Congress Party chief said that his father followed the same guidelines, introduced by Chandrababu Naidu, in allotment of lands.  He also denied that he ever influenced any decision of the government and he never visited the chief minister's camp office or the Secretariat.

He challenged his opponents to ask the people like Ahmed Patel, Political Secretary of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, that how many times they called up the chief minister to influence the decisions. Jagan said that   the Prime Minister did not order CBI inquiry into 2G scam case involving crores of rupees, but using a minister from the state the Congress leaders are targeting a young and helpless man who has no support.

Jagan claimed that Saakshi is on ninth position in the country with a circulation of 14.5 lakh and a readership of 1.4 crore.

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