Our 64th Independence Day

Published: Mon 15th Aug 2011 12:39 AM
Our 64th Independence Day
Our 64th Independence Day
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Today, the day of 15th August, 2011 marks the 64th Independence Day of our Nation India.  More than the long weekend enjoyed, it’s the feeling of unity and hard fought freedom that ear marks the day for our Indian people. Saluting the revolutionaries, freedom fighters and people who have slain their lives for our Independence, let us make an initiative to support Anna Hazare and his fight against corruption for passing the Lokpal Bill.

Beyond all these, let us also salute the ‘common man’ who is still leading the same pathetic life without having any access to basic amenities even after 64 years of freedom from Britishers. Let us wish that disparities between every one of us be narrowed in coming years. Jai Hind.

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