Was Sri Krishnadevaraya a WOMANIZER?

Published: Fri 27th Aug 2010 03:05 AM
Was Sri Krishnadevaraya a WOMANIZER?
Was Sri Krishnadevaraya a WOMANIZER?
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The charm of Telugu History and the name which makes Telugu people to feel pride of  is Sri Krishnadevaraya, the Andhra Bhoja and his Vijayanagara Empire. Although this period is considered as Golden Era on socio-politico-cultural-financial aspects, here is a new version which is coming to the fore by sake of few of the History Text Books in the State.

One of our regional news channels has made a thorough research on Sri Krishnadevaraya’s subject in present days History Text Books and the findings may surprise us as these books bring out hidden dark stories behind this Kingdom and the so called golden Era.

As these text books placed emphasis on the Revenue System prevailing during Vijayanagara Empire and it is clear that a major share of the revenue to Sri Krishnadevaraya’s treasury was proportioned from Commercial Sex Workers and their Open Prostitution Business for which this Kingdom has given open licenses making Brothel Business a legal entity. Even few researchers are coming out with proofs that Sri Krishandevaraya was a big Womanizer with illegal affairs prevailing in his entire Kingdom and this is considered as one of the reasons for the Fall of Vijayanagara Empire.

We might visualize legendary NTR and BO Bonanza Balakrishna in costumes of Krishnadevaraya, his words of ‘Desha Baashalandu Telugu Lessa’ as most precious literary and cultural heritage of our Telugu people but modern Text Books are even educating the students on other hidden sides of history.

It is a matter of fact that generations by generations our History is manipulated, adulterated and is changing its original form with passage of time. Now, one can’t question or one can’t answer about what is that true and virgin form of History and how it can be preserved. It is alone our Government and the regulatory mechanisms that can give our Culture, Heritage and History back in its pure form.

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