TS Polls: 1st War btw Yellow & Social Media

Wed 05th Dec 2018 09:43 PM

1st War between Yellow & Social Media

War between Yellow and Social Media
War between Yellow and Social Media
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Here is a historical moment! Long back, Indians witnessed the first war of independence in 1857. Likewise, it's going to be the first war between AP based yellow media and universal Social Media

Yellow journalism in united Andhra Pradesh was introduced by a media baron during early 1980s. Thereafter, caste biased yellow media interfered in political and social systems of united AP and showed its impact drastically. In the process of showing bias on particular party, yellow media got mixed results in poll battles between 1983 and 2014. 

However, post the general polls of 2014, Social Media has shown its power of conveying genuine news and has become everyone's reach at the moment. Social Media too, is a blend of many cooked up stories and genuine stories on politics. Yet, scarcely do we see caste biased news reporting in Social Media

For the past few years, netizens have been debating about which was the most powerful media between YM and SM. And here comes the best moment they are awaiting! 

Yes, Telangana general polls will also prove the domination of either yellow media or Social Media. It is learnt that a political party joined hands with a couple of parties in Telangana and formed an alliance. The party is alleged to have pumped in around Rs.1000 crores in the poll battle. Full page ads are frequently seen in newspapers which are costed between Rs.1 crore and Rs.5 crores based on the circulation of the newspaper. 

Besides, the yellow party turned financier to all other parties of alliance group. Moreover, Yellow news channels and newspapers are giving biased surveys, biased and paid reports seeking the victory of the alliance. 

On the other hand, Social Media has taken up the task to bust conspiracies of yellow party in Telangana. All in all, it's going to be the first war between SM and YM. We are going to witness second war between SM and YM in the month of May in AP.

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